Keno Neo

Set in a tranquil environment with relaxing music and a pastel coloured background, Keno Neo is a lottery-based game that is loved by the masses. Pariplay have made this game much more appealing through their expert development skills.

The 1-80 numbered gameboard and mini pay-table make it easy to determine how close you are to receiving a cash prize. Choose your favourite numbers or randomise your selection and see if luck is on your side in this classic lottery game.

About the Developer

Pariplay is a developer of land-based and online casino gaming solutions. Since 2010, their team of expert developers have created unique games that appeal to old-school and modern casino players. Through entertainment, bonus features and dynamic themes, Pariplay have earnt the right to be compared with market leading developers, such as: Microgaming and NetEnt. As they’ve mastered the creation of games, they’ve also created numerous platforms and services that can be acquired. Using their advanced technology, Pariplay constantly push boundaries which allows them to innovate and create new trends throughout the industry. Interested in more of their titles? Check out the following games:

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About the Game

Online Keno games are extremely easy to adjust to. Choose your stake, embrace the music and select your winning numbers.

As soon as you enter the Keno Neo game, there will be a 1-80 number gameboard on display. In addition, the mini pay table to the left and random pick generator on the right will make real money play extremely easy. You can keep track of your picks and watch the action unfold. Look at a more detailed explanation of Keno and how to approach the game:

  • KENO REAL MONEY PLAY – Upon entering the game, choose your stake from anything between 10p and £10.

Select up to 10 numbers from the gameboard or use the ‘Random Pick’ generator to select them for you.

Once you start the round, 20 random numbers will be drawn and if a number matches your selection, it will glow orange. The more numbers drawn that match your selection, the higher your pay-out will be.

You can keep track of your expected pay-out by using the mini pay table to the left of the gameboard.

The maximum pay-out you can receive is 20,000x. Although, you’d have to use the maximum stake and maximum amount of numbers.

The Verdict

It’s difficult to give Keno games an extra edge, but Pariplay’s design makes this version of the game much more appealing. The soothing colours make your experience extremely relaxing. The beauty of Keno is that it’s extremely easy to understand and no matter what stake you select, you’ll have the chance of winning big.

The modern twist that Pariplay have added to this game is a prime example of how they’ve become such a successful developer. Enjoy this fun and exciting game to