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5 Tips to Beat the Blackjack Dealer

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About Blackjack and other Casino Games

Blackjack is one of the most exciting and fun casino games in the online sphere along with online bingo and slots. As we offer the best blackjack, slots and bingo games we thought we should add a list with our top 5 tips for playing Blackjack online to start you off here.

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#1 Learn to Split

Knowing that you should always split a pair of aces and a pair of eights will always increase your chances of being able to reach 21 twice.  Remembering not to split if you have pairs of 10s or 6s because this would be detrimental to your chances of reaching 21 is worthwhile recalling.  You want your hand to be as strong as possible.

#2 Understand Insurance

This is a side bet to the main game of Blackjack and you are able to place a wager as to whether you think the dealer has Blackjack.  No matter when or where you play, the payout for this is always 2:1 so can reap an impressive reward.

You are only able to place an Insurance bet if the exposed card played by the dealer is an ace.  At this point, you usually just have to take your chances, with many players in the know simply risking a bet in case they are able to make a fast buck.

#3 Card Counting

Whilst card counting is a popular strategy for Blackjack players when they are playing in a casino or playing Live Blackjack, there are a lot of apps and online casinos where this is an impossible way to play because you are unable to see all of the cards.

Being aware of this shortcoming of playing online Blackjack is valuable and is why so many players choose to bet on Insurance instead.

Counting cards is hard, so if you want to learn more check out a more comprehensive blackjack guide to increase your success chances!

#4 Understanding Probability

You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to understand probability in relation to Blackjack online but having a little knowledge in this area does help hugely.

Understanding the options that different cards will give to you whilst you are playing this popular casino game is essential to your success.

There is a general rule which you can aim to remember which often helps many players as they progress through Blackjack.  This is the rule that the harder the hand, the fewer options they have in relation to the number of cards that will enable them to total exactly 21.  Obviously, the opposite applies too; the softer the hand, the more options a player has with the remaining cards to enable them to reach an exact 21 to gain Blackjack.

The specific probabilities can be deciphered.  If you have a hand of 20, the chance of you going bust from drawing another card is 92% as there are only 4 cards which can enable you to achieve Blackjack out of the whole pack.

#5 Know when to Stop

Hands up to the value of 11 must draw another card.  It is then advised to take another card until you get to a hand of 18.  Once you have a hand of this value, you should not draw another card as your probability of going bust is much too great to risk.

There are some alternatives though, such as the ace, which can count as 1 or 10.

Now that you learn the basics, why not check our blackjack and bingo promotions and head over to our casino to play today?