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90 Ball Bingo Rooms to Play

Bingo Games with 90 Balls

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There are several online bingo variants, and the 90-ball bingo is one of the popular options players can find at the best online bingo sites uk. The 90-ball bingo has some features that make it different from others, like the 75-ball bingo, and one of the significant differences is that players don't need to form a predetermined pattern on the 90-ball bingo.

There are many excellent 90-ball bingo rooms to visit, and various bingo sites offer different bingo games. Barbados Bingo has a few popular 90-ball Bingo rooms you can visit once you have a better understanding of the game.

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What is a 90-Ball Bingo Game?

The 90-ball bingo consists of the numbers 1 -90. Each such mobile bingo games is played with tickets, and the standard ticket in this type of bingo game consists of three rows with nine boxes each. On each of these rows, four boxes are blank, leaving a total of 15 active boxes.

Due to this design, most 90-ball bingo rooms require players to purchase six tickets to form a single strip for a game. Each strip contains the numbers 1 – 90, with no number appearing twice.

Winning the 90-Ball Bingo

To win on the 90-ball bingo, there are three options:

  • One Line Wins: This is when a player covers all the numbers on a line.
  • Two Line Wins: This is when a player covers all numbers on two lines of a ticket.
  • House: This is a win for a player that covers all 15 numbers on a ticket.

90-Ball Bingo Card Layout

When you decide to play the 90-Ball Bingo, you need to be the first to mark all the numbers on your card to be crowned the winner. To improve your speed, knowing the layout of the bingo card or strip is vital. To improve your chances of winning, here is the layout of a regular 90-ball bingo strip:

  1. Column 1 – One to Nine
  2. Column 2 – Ten to 19
  3. Column 3 – 20 to 29
  4. Column 4 – 30 to 39
  5. Column 5 – 40 to 49
  6. Column 6 – 50 to 59
  7. Column 7 – 60 to 69
  8. Column 8 – 70 to 79
  9. Column 9 – 80 to 90

Choosing Tickets on a Game

There are two ways to pick bingo tickets. You can do this manually or let the bingo system do so automatically.

Manual Ticket Selection

To pick tickets manually, you can click on the tickets you desire one by one or purchase an entire strip with one click. Different bingo games may offer additional features to support the manual purchase.

Automatic Purchase

Many bingo rooms have an auto select strips setting to enable the system to purchase tickets on your behalf. Selecting this option allows you to set the number of strips for the system to purchase while you retain the option to edit the individual tickets in the strip.

Jackpot Sizes in 90-Ball Bingo Games

The size of the jackpot in a bingo game refers to the payout of the game. In most cases, the price per ticket and the number of players in a bingo room determine the jackpot's size. However, some casinos offer a fixed minimum jackpot prize.

It means your possible winnings don't go below a specific amount when fewer players are in a bingo room. Most bingo games let you know the jackpot size before and during the game.

Covering the Numbers on a Ticket

Although most players choose the automatic method of covering or daubing numbers, some choose to do this manually. It makes the game more exciting but also exposes you to the possibility of missing some numbers. On some 90-ball bingo, it doesn't matter if you cover the number or not; you get paid if the numbers appear on your card.

90 Ball Bingo Games to Play Online

If you decide to play a 90-Ball bingo game, you can visit any bingo room online. Some of the popular rooms with decent jackpots include:

Bingo Millions 90 Ball Instant

The Bingo Millions 90 Ball Instant is a bingo title by Mutuel Play Ltd, offering an excellent experience and gameplay to players. Like other 90-ball bingo games, the game allows players to win through a single line, two-line, or full house.

The faster you get a win on the game, the larger the prize you win. The game also allows more than one winner as it only ends after 65 numbers have been called. So players who attain a full house or line wins before the end of the game get a prize.

A progressive jackpot is available on the game, so you can look forward to winning up to 1.5 million coins on this bingo game.

Deal or No Deal 90-Ball Bingo

The Deal or No Deal 90-Ball Bingo is a game by Playtech available on most online bingo sites. The game features a jackpot system with a fixed value and increases based on the ticket sales for the game. On many sites, the jackpot value refreshes at midnight to include the total amount of tickets sold the previous day.

Players can win the game through a 1-line, 2-line, Full house, or deal or no deal prize option. More than one player can share a win, and a single player can also win multiple times in the game.

Age of the Gods Bingo

Age of the Gods Bingo is a 2018 release by Playtech and is a beautifully designed title by the developer. Players can purchase tickets like any other bingo game, and the prizes available include one line, two-line, and full house win. There is no progressive jackpot on this slot which is a minor inconvenience that most players overlook.

The Arena of the Gods is an excellent special feature on this Bingo game that players can access if they win a full house. It is available in games where the first number called is a gold coin. As the winner, you get to play a mini-game with nine gold coins as you try to reveal three of the same God or Goddess symbols.

Where Can I Play 90-Ball Bingo Games?

Bingo games are available on various online casino platforms and dedicated bingo sites. If you want to avoid doing a lot of research, you can visit Barbados Bingo to find bingo games to play. The platform offers several bingo games and special bingo bonuses.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.