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Best Bingo Venues in the World

What do people say about playing Bingo?

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We live in a constantly evolving world, and our daily life is shaped with frequent changings in the digital landscape. There were times when gamblers had to visit casinos or Bigo halls to play their favourite game, but now almost all casino games and some more are available online.

Online casinos are now ruling the enabling world with an iron fist, and people are inclining more and more towards the remote casinos than the land-based ones. However, Bingo Halls are still very popular even though online Bingo sites have rapidly increased in the last few years. This is because the Bingo halls organisers in the UK and worldwide go to extra lengths to ensure that players keep coming and offer lucrative prizes to attract new players.

Online Bingo is your preference. We suggest registering with Barbados free online Bingo and opt for the welcome offer to win up to 500 free spins on Starburst with only a £10 deposit (All Ts and Cs Apply).  You will find multiple Bingo rooms with various prizes suitable for low and high bankrollers. Still, we consider our duty to share some of the best bingo halls in the world with you, so that you can also enjoy a top-notch classic bingo experience.

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Understand Bingo Before The Main Event Starts

Bingo is an easy to play lottery game; hence it's increasing popularity worldwide. People can drift off to their fantasy world while marking off the numbers the caller announces. There are no particular strategies or tricks to speed up the winning process or guarantee any wins. However, there are some particular terminologies you must be aware of before entering a Bingo Hall.

Bingo Basic Terms & Lingo

Here are some of the Bingo terms you must be familiar with before enterng a bingo hall:

  • 75 Ball Bingo: In this bingo version, 75 balls are available in the draw when you play such free bingo games.
  • 80 Ball Bingo: in this bingo version, 80 balls are available in the draw.
  • 90 Ball Bingo: In this version, players can draw 90 balls, and the scorecard has 9 columns and 3 rows.
  • Admissions Pack: You need to purchase the pack that includes a scorecard to play Bingo
  • Basket Bingo: Players get to win Basket prizes instead of real cash.
  • Bingo Card: It's a square card that contains about 24 numbers printed randomly.
  • Blackout: It's a version of a bingo game where players have to cover all their numbers.
  • Caller: The person who announces the numbers to the players.
  • Cash in Prize: A bingo version where the players are a reward with cash prizes
  • Full House: When a bingo player marks off all the numbers successfully in a coverall game.
  • House: The Bingo hall is usually referred to as House.
  • Lucky Jar: Before the Bingo game, a lucky number is drawn, and every time that number is called, some cash is added to the random jar.
  • Wrap Up: The end game of the Bingo session is called a wrap-up.

8 Reasons that People Play Bingo in 2021

Everybody knows that Bingo is a popular game, but why do people love this chance game so much? Here are some of the compelling reasons people love to play Bingo.

  1. Bingo is a fun game that is why people love to play.
  2. Socialising is an important factor that motivates players to play Bingo in the halls. You can play Bingo while socialising with your Bingo buddies at the table.
  3. Life nowadays is stressful, and sometimes it seems everything is getting out of control. Bingo is the best way to relax and relieve yourself from a stressful day.
  4. Playing Bingo keeps your brain sharp, and it's scientifically proven.
  5. Bingo affects your health positively by testing your observation, reaction skills and memory.
  6. The endless variety of Bingo version give payers lots of choices to play their favourite game.
  7. There are chances of winning big on Bingo.
  8. Bingo is a game for all years; even kids love to play with pictures or numbers.

Top 6 Bingo Venues Around the World

We have compiled a list of Bingo Halls around the world for players who are seeking venues. Next time you plan to play Bingo, try these Bingo Halls, and we are positive you will have a blast.

1. Foxwoods Casino and Resort (US)

Next time you visit Connecticut, we suggest visiting the Foxwoods Casino and Resort. It was established in 1986 and owned one of the modest 4000sq buildings in the neighbourhood. The resort is a haven for gamblers to join a casino game table, mini-golf course, luxurious spa and exclusive restaurant. You can book your Bingo game online or on the premises as they have multiple sessions daily.

2. Red Rock Casino (US)

Sin City is famous for its casinos, table games and slots; however, there is another popular activity that people love to indulge themselves in: Bingo. The glitz and glam of this luxurious casino in Las Vegas will amaze you with its decor. The casino is renowned for its casino games, but their Bingo halls are impressive with their vast space sitting around 6000 players in one session. The atmosphere of the Bingo halls is astounding and fun, with plasma televisions all over the halls to entertain players.

3. National Stadium Bingo (IE)

National Stadium was constructed in 1938 and is one of Dublin’s oldest and most proud establishments. The stadium can seat about 2000 players that result in generous winnings on a full house. All in all, the vibe is great and winning is usually amazing.

4. Mecca Bingo (UK)

When you visit Camden Town in London, make time to visit Mecca Bingo to have some fun. The Bingo Halls of The Mecca Bingo can seat about 1200 players in one session. The best part is you can avail some fantastic promotions and bonuses on Bingo games. You can also enjoy Bingo on Mecca Bingo online by registering to their site for free.

5. Star Bingo, Melbourne (AU)

Star Bingo is one of the largest and most popular Bingo centres in Australia. The centre includes everything a player desires, from premium premises to exclusive services. You can not only enjoy Bingo games but also dine in the fine restaurant and have some fun in the bar or relax in the luxurious spa.

6. Sibaya Casino and the Entertainment Kingdom (SA)

South Africa is known for its natural beauty, and in the centre of natural scenery lies the Sibaya Casino and Entertainment. It's high-class gambling premises that overlook the magnificent Indian Ocean. The casino houses about 48 tables and a fine restaurant to dine in attached to the hall. You can enjoy Bingo games every Wednesday in the casino, and the prizes are usually generous.

These are all famous Bingo venues in the world where players can visit and enjoy their time. You may win small or big cash prizes or make some new friends. No matter if you win or lose, we can assure you you will have a great time. If Bingo halls are too much to visit. In addition, we suggest joining Barbados Bingo and enjoy bingo staging at home. You can purchase a bingo ticket by depositing a minimum of £10 funds in your casino account. You never know when your lucky stars are aligned.

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.