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Best Slot Games of 2022

Best Slot Games of 2022

It can be hard to know which online bingo or slot game to play as there are now so many to choose from, but thankfully the rise in online gaming means the rise in online games and as such, there is a wide range of great options. Many of these gaming options are more popular than others and for good reason, not only are these more fun to play than some of the other options out there but you can also get a better chance of winning with some of these as you may have a better chance at strategising. 

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Big Bad Wolf Casino Slots

Big Bad Wolf is a 25 pay line slot game set over 5 reels in which players can win from just a penny a spin or £5, and there is also an auto free spins feature which is fantastic for those times you just do not want to keep pulling the lever manually. With this slot game, or play bingo games too, it is worth taking note of the fact that the higher the amount of pay lines you keep active and the higher the wager amount, the better the payout will be should you win big. To be in with the chance of winning just get the game going by picking any coin value that you would like and start spinning to win matching symbols. 

GOld rush slot logo

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Gold Rush Slot

The Gold Rush slot game is set across five reels and comes complete with three rows and 25 pay lines, with the overall theme including the colourways which were inspired by the infamous Californian period of time which had been labelled the gold rush, and which took place at the end of the 20th century. The metaphor of the gold rush era has been transformed into a living and breathing thing, and that is a great gaming experience which any player can bet will give them a fun time as players live the adventure throughout the entirety of this online slot game. The reels with this online casino game have been placed in front of a dramatic theme of mining which clearly shows the player what the game is all about and the theme itself with the variants of colours and well placed fun symbols also displays the gaming theme of mining clearly and well. Find out how to beat these games in our slot RTP blog.

Emoticoins UK Online Slot

You have probably heard of emojis, and if you have not, where have you been? With most of us now owning some sort of smart device with emojis, knowing about these little faces can be a hard thing to avoid. In fact, a lot of us can probably imagine the face of an emoji quicker than we can the face of somebody we know. But all of this hype behind these little yellow digital beings is not all unfounded. Emojis can be used to express a myriad of emotions, hence the name, which derives from emoticons. This online slot game is set across five reels and with 30 pay lines, and this slot game is themed around exactly those emojis. The background of the game is in the colour pale blue, which further highlights the little cartoon-style characters and gives a charming appeal to the aesthetic. Play now!