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Bingo Call Outs that all Players Remember

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Have you ever played bingo? Whether you have or not, you will be aware that there are many different bingo numbers and bingo calls which are one of the reasons that this is one of the most popular games to play. Bingo calls UK are the reasons that this game has always been such a big hit with players as they are historical, factual and comical.

Now some of the bingo calls outs are much more popular, well known and more looked forward to than others, and this is usually when they have a response call. But this is not always the case, as some are just plain hysterical! So look out for military terms, Cockney slang and some entertaining rhymes as you play bingo because certain bingo call outs you will never forget!

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Popular Bingo Calls

The bingo sites numbers 88 is more commonly associated with the bingo call outs of “two fat ladies”. This is actually referring to the shapes of the number eights and not the celebrity chefs, though this is a common misconception. It is thought that when the two eights are side by side they look like two fat ladies sat next to each other, but this is rather subjective. However, this interesting viewpoint seems to have stuck over the years and this bingo calls UK shout out seems to have stuck.

This is exactly the case with the bingo call outs for bingo numbers eleven, which is also known as “legs eleven”. According to most players, this ten and unit number looks like a pair a slinky looking legs. It is common when bingo calls UK occurs for this number for there to be many whistles heard around the bingo hall. Don’t be alarmed – this is normal!

Musical Bingo Calls UK

No matter how old you are, there are some bingo calls UK that you will associate with musical references. The most common are the bingo numbers 17 and 85. The bingo calls 17 refers to the Abba song called Dancing Queen and if you know the words, feel free to sing along. We know you won’t be the only one doing so when these popular Bingo call outs happen.

This is exactly the same when the bingo call out for number 85 occur because this is associated with the Bee Gees song, Stayin’ Alive. By the time many players have reached this age, a commonly associated age to be a bingo numbers player, you will be Stayin’ Alive pretty well! There’s no reason why you can’t sing along with these well-known lyrics either!

Superstitious Bingo Call Outs

There are two specific bingo games numbers that players are always sceptical of but one for a positive reason and the other for a negative. The negatively associated bingo call outs is fairly obvious as it is, of course, the bingo number 13. Whether this links to Judas being the 13th Apostle and being the one to betray Jesus, or whether it is linked to the unlucky Friday the 13th, this is one of the bingo calls UK with a little known origin.

Similarly to why we a superstitious about the supposedly lucky bingo call outs for bingo numbers 7. This is associated with the Lucky Sevens original slots gaming machines, where lining up the 7s led to the jackpot prize, so the older generations still have this affiliation and it seems to have stuck. But are bingo calls really that lucky or unlucky for players?

Bingo Numbers and a Special Date

There’s a special date that comes around once a year and all the women in a bingo no deposit hall use this bingo number to help remind the menfolk. Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s right…it’s the bingo numbers 14. When this bingo call outs happens, everyone in the room responds by shouting Valentine’s Day. A clever way of using a bingo calls UK as a way of reminding the men of the most romantic date in the diary. There’s no excuse for them to forget if they are regular players of bingo, is there?

With so many brilliant bingo call outs, it is hard to narrow it down to just a short list but these were our favourite bingo numbers. What are the bingo calls UK that you are sure that you will never forget?