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Bingo Guide for Beginners

Bingo Guide for Beginners

Introduction to Bingo

If you hadn’t guessed already Barbados best online bingo sites prides itself on bringing high-quality and exciting online bingo games to your lives, enriching them with online slots all year long. The friendly caveman Um founded the game we know today as bingo many millennia ago, back when cavemen would forge stone balls out of rocks and use the carcass of a cow as a roll cage. Of course, this isn’t the only history of Bingo, there are many more realities of where this famous game started.

Of course, we’re only joking, our friendly caveman Um didn’t actually invent bingo, he was too busy rubbing sticks together and chasing deer through the undergrowth to spend his time creating frivolous games for the enjoyment of a civilisation millions of years into the future. Read below how to play bingo and more!

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History of Bingo

Anyway, the true history of bingo games all started in Italy many centuries ago in the year 1530. Back then the game was an Italian lottery known as ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’. The French eventually adopted the Italian game before the Germans came on board and done what they done best and created efficiency, using the bingo game as a means of teaching students numbers, spelling and arithmetic. It was used as an educational tool, rather than a money-making scheme.

Our American counterparts in the US of A always like to be different. In 1929, Bingo was often called Beano and was played at those typical country fairs you see on films. A dealer would pull numbered discs out of a disused cigar box and the winner would be the first to call ‘Beano!’. Again, the American people of the early 20th century weren’t the type to miss out on a quick buck and employed that good old Yanky intuition and capitalist methods to the proceedings.

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Is this game considered gambling?

Edward Lowe was an entrepreneurial Jewish immigrant from Poland who realised the power that the game could have over the general public. The game changed the image of gambling in America, it was seen as more of a fun game rather than something that was associated with the more perilous lifestyle that gamblers would have on cards etc. Lowe hired a university math professor named Carl Leffler to devise a system that would make the game harder to win to a smaller portion of people. Leffler developer the card systems that provided up to 6000 different cards meaning the winning odds were shortened but the stakes were much hire. This small Jewish immigrant from Poland would eventually go on to sell his business in 1973 for $26million, a small fortune in any era of inflation.

Before dying in 1986, Lowe would create a bingo hall empire on the Las Vegas strip in Nevada. In 1934 there was an estimated 10,000 games of online bingo played weekly with the total income on a daily basis set at $90million dollars in the USA alone. Today, bingo is often reduced to the favourite past time of old folks in nursing homes and bingo halls throughout the country but online bingo has certainly revolutionised the bingo world we know of today both as a game to enjoy and a social activity.

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Best Casino to play Online Bingo

90 Ball online Bingo is perhaps the most iconic version of bingo and the standard game you play when you’re playing online bingo or in bingo halls. The game works as follows: Each player buys a certain amount of tickets, the more you buy the more chances you have at perhaps claiming the jackpot. As the numbers are called from the wheel, players mark off numbers that match their card. Prizes are awarded for the first player to achieve one line of correct numbers, then for two lines, then for a full house in which a player will shout BINGO!
75 Ball online Bingo is arguably the most dominant online bingo game in the United States. Different to 90 Ball Bingo albeit only by a slight variation this game allows you to daub pre-determined patterns on your number cards, with the winner being the first person to hit the jackpot and assign themselves all the numbers.

5 Line Bingo is slightly different to the more orthodox styles of bingo across the world in the sense that the game is played across a 5x5 grid with 5 ways to win. That’s right you guessed it, you win by gaining a line vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The more lines you acquire on each respective scorecard the higher your prizes will be.

There’s tonnes of great free bingo no deposit available on the Barbados platform and these are just a few. If you’re a love of online bingo, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. Deposit and spin today or why not play some of our other great games such as 5 reel slots or traditional online casino games.

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