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Whether you play bingo online free or in bingo pubs, there’s always that innate desire to bond with other players. This is why some there’s so much cheering and fun at bingo halls, pubs, and bingo parlours even when some players are losing. The fun part underscores the game as a pastime event that eases players’ daily stress and nothing more.

In this regard, the game usually takes different turns when you play with some familiar faces in halls. While playing on line bingo games, the whole arena might be a little all about you, since you play against the system. It’s mostly jackpots that unites diverse players who gun for the common pot prize, making the game more fun.

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Why should you tell bingo jokes?

Bingo jokes were created from the perceived need for players to relish common fun moments using some past events. Sometimes, they joke about events happening in the casinos at the of play, which is what keeps the players bonded. While some players may not really flow with the jokes, they simply can’t deny its usefulness to the game.

Such players can’t help but acknowledge the fact that these jokes form part of what sets bingo apart. For instance, the joke about getting a group of bingo to scream “fuck! Or shit”. While the joke contains profanities, players laugh to it understanding that it doesn’t go beyond the shores of the casino.   

Understand the audience before telling some jokes

Bingo is one casino game that allows everyone to be somewhat connected to one another. As much as the game is for the fun, it’s best to keep the jokes as minimal as possible. If you can keep the game within the casino terrains, that would be more appropriate.

When you play with some people who are stereotyped, it would be better to tell jokes that are far off their stereotypes. For instance, the joke about Japan and B-29 or Arab and B-52 might irk some Asian-born nationals playing bingo.

Some jokes that might crack you up

Collapsed Bingo Caller

A bingo caller with over 40 years’ experience in bingo calling at, collapsed while calling numbers at an Old People’s Home. He was immediately rushed to the hospital upon where surgery was to be performed on him urgently. An air pipe had gone the wrong path and blocked his windpipe.

After a successful surgery, the experienced bingo caller asked if the situation was really fatal and malignant. The surgeon replied “Fortunately, no. It was only B9.”

How do you make everyone at home attend your party?

Call the Full House.

An old man and his bingo losses 

After a spate of losses at several land-based bingo rooms, an old experienced bingo player well in his 80s was asked: “how do you get over your losses so easily and don’t get heart attacks?” the man giggled and said “I play with enough bingo bonuses.”


Bingo jokes can be pretty fun, but it has to be told with caution to avoid irking some other players. You can exchange bingo ideas with other players and also get to bond with other players over some bingo jokes. You would enjoy some online bingo promotions when you play on Barbados Bingo. Why not also have a read of our bingo jokes for adults here?