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Bingo Lingo: An Ultimate Guide

Bingo Lingo: An Ultimate Guide

Playing UK Bingo online is fun, sociable and fast-paced, but to stand a chance at not be sussed as a new player you want to be as in the know as possible when it comes to the Bingo lingo. You won’t hear as many phrases playing online Bingo as you would if you were in the Bingo hall itself, but there are still plenty of phrases, acronyms and abbreviations used in the game and in the bingo chatrooms, too.

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Common Online Bingo Lingo

There are lots of words or phrases used that mean other things outside of Bingo and may cause confusion if you do not transfer their meaning. So let’s take a look at the most common Bingo lingo phrases so that you feel just like a pro next time you play Bingo online:

  • Lobby – This is the area where you can discover all of the different Bingo games that are open to you for you to be able to play. They range in their price per ticket and their starting time, as well as the number of people playing in these Bingo rooms. But all of this information is available you in the Bingo Lobby for easy comparisons and fast activation.
  • CH – This abbreviation stands for Chat Host and this is the person who keeps everything running smoothly within the chatrooms. They act as a host, asking questions, checking all is well with players and congratulating specific players when they win. They are crucial to keeping morale high and excitement rife.
  • Roomies – These are all of the other people you have been playing and chatting alongside in the Bingo game room or the chat rooms of a specific Bingo game.
  • Chat Game – A chat game is a game that can be played in the chat room when you are waiting for another round of Bingo to start. It is completely optional as to whether you participate in these extra games, although some are very tantalising with their incredible prizes and big cash offerings to play for. For players who get fed up of waiting in between Bingo games, Chat Games are very important.
  • Early Bird – This is the term used to describe the first game played every day as this is linked to the common agricultural phrase “the early bird catches the worm” so let’s hope it helps you to catch the jackpot.
  • Dabber – This is the marker used to illustrate that a specific number has been called and cross off your ticket. The action of crossing off your numbers is known as dabbing and is more common to physically undertake in Bingo halls than online. However, many online Bingo games have an automatic dabber but you can alter this to suit you more, like the shape, colour and size, for example.
  • 1L – Indicating that you have got one full line of appropriate number dabbed off. Similarly, 2L indicates two full lines dabbed off.
  • Full House – When every number on your ticket has been called and dabbed off, you have got a full house. This is the biggest monetary prize that you can win and you need to get to this before anyone else beats you to the biggest prize.
  • Lights Out – A term used to indicate that this is going to be the last game played online for that day but be aware that not all online site finish for the night and often play right through, so don’t necessarily wait for this phrase to appear before you go to bed as you may be up all night! Discover bingo sites with free signup bonus no deposit required to play today!

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