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Free Slots No Deposit 2021

Free Slots No Deposit 2021

No Deposit Games

2020 saw a lot of awesome slot games. We saw Play ’n GO audaciously attempt to release one slot game for every single week of the year, and they exceeded, executing all 52 in fine style.

We saw some big hits from the classic developers such as the likes of NetEnt, while welcoming some awesome debut developers that could certainly be ones to watch throughout 2021 onwards.

Slots just get better and better all the time, rising in quality in line with their popularity. 2020 was the most popular year for online slot games on record, based on the number of people who searched for them to play online.

This huge amount of popularity has all sorts of benefits for the average player such as you or us. It means that there are more and more quality online slot games out there as developers fight for us to play their games.

It also means that there are tonnes of awesome casino bonuses out there to play, including free slots that come from free spins or free cash for players as they sign up for online casino sites.

Free slots in 2021 look like they’re going to be better than ever, and one of the best forms of free slots is free slots no deposit. 2021 is likely to see a whole tonne of £10 free slots no deposit offers, so allow us to get right into what they are and how to make the most of them as you play your favourite online slot games in 2021. If you prefer to play some bingo games, nothing to worry about, as Barbados hosts the best bingo games in 2021 too!

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What are Free Slots No Deposit?

A long story short: free slots no deposit are basically ways to get access to online slot games for free without having to put down any of your own cash in the first place. Crazy, right? If you haven’t had a look into this before then it’s never too late, as free slots no deposit are better than ever right now!

There are a couple of different ways to use free slots no deposit, as they come in a couple of different forms. However, these different forms have slightly different outcomes so continue with us as we explain what these different forms of free slots no deposit win real money uk 2021 are.

Demo Slot Games

In more cases than not, online casino sites will put together demo versions of their slot games that players can check out for free before playing the real game. The only problem here is that it is impossible to win any cash.

This is because the purpose of a demo slot game is just to give players a taste for what the slot game is like before they go onto play the real game if they do like it. Therefore, any reference to money in these demo slots is purely for show.

While we love a demo slot, we do prefer to win money from slots so the second option might be better.

Free Slots No Deposit 2021 Welcome Bonuses

Because of the rise in completion between online casino sites, free slots no deposit offers are really at their best and you can win all sorts of great prizes to get you started, just for signing up for an account with an online casino site.

It really can be as easy as filling in a few details, confirming your email address and making the most of your bonus, but it is also likely that there are going to be a lot of wagering requirements or terms and conditions that you will need to meet to be able to claim your bonus funds. We’ll look into those soon.

Some of the prizes that you can win from free slots no deposit 2021 offers can be read a little later on, but you can win up to 50 free spins to play on your favourite slot games at times!

Playing Free Slots in 2021

In most cases, there are 3 simple steps that players will need to go through to be able to get the free spins no deposit. They vary from site to site but in general they will look a little something like these:

  1. Hit the Join Now button on the homepage of the site
  2. Fill out some personal details
  3. Confirm your email address

Remember, if you already have an account with the online casino site that is offering the bonus, then you will not be able to take advantage of the free slots no deposit 2021 offers that they have as this will be against the rules.

Can You Win Real Money from Free Slots?

As we mentioned earlier on, it is impossible to win real money from demo slots, so let us make that very clear. However, it is totally possible to win money from free spins no deposit 2021 welcome bonuses! That’s the exciting part.

The only thing here is that it it’s not free money. As is the nature of gambling, winning cash is never a guarantee. If it was, all of the casino sites would be out of business!

The main way that casino sites try to limit the amount of money that they lose from free slots welcome offers is by placing a whole bunch of wagering requirements on their free slots.

Wagering Requirements & Free Slots

Unfortunately, these welcome bonuses are a whole lot tighter on free spins no deposit than on the flip side of this welcome bonus: free slots, deposit required. The reason for this is that when a deposit is paid in the first place, the casino site is already losing less money so can afford to be less strict with the terms.

Anyhow, let’s take a look at some of the common wagering requirements of a free slots no deposit 2021 welcome bonus.

Play Through Your Winnings

One of the more common hoops to have to jump through with both free slots no deposit offers and deposit required ones is to have to play through your winnings. If you see ‘65x wagering requirement applies’, it means that you will have to play through your winnings 65 times, basically.

Time Limits

It is also common in both forms of welcome bonus to have to play through your bonus within a certain time frame. Usually, you will have to activate your bonus within 3 days and then use it in 7 days, but sometimes these time frames can be different so make sure that you have a look at the terms and conditions of each offer.

Depositing After Winning

This is probably the most frustrating and least common clause, and is almost always restricted to a free spins no deposit bonus as opposed to one where you must place a deposit in the first place.

Here, you will have to put in as many as 2 deposits to be able to claim your bonus winnings. This kind of takes away the point of ‘no deposit’, so we would usually recommend avoiding this type of clause as you may as well have just put down one deposit in the first place at this point.

Free Slots No Deposit vs Real Money Slots

While we love a good free online slot game, when it comes to the welcome bonuses that allow for them to happen, it is always about weighing up whether or not the terms and conditions make it worth it.

A lot of the time, free slots no deposit can be way better than actually paying for your stakes, but in some cases, it can be better to just go for the conventional method of real money slots.

Common Free Slots No Deposit Offers for 2021

We can expect to see some of the most popular free slots no deposit offers in 2020 continuing to exist into the year of 2021 and beyond. Here are some of those that are worth keeping an eye out for online:

  • 50 free spins to play on Starburst, no deposit (Starburst is one of the most popular online slot games in history which is why it is offered for free spins a lot of the time)
  • 20 free spins to play online (if you can use any slot game, you’re likely to have less free spins to play with)
  • £20 free no deposit (another way to offer free slots is with free cash)

How to Access Free Slots in the UK

It is basically about trying to find a good offer here. Once you’ve done that, simply follow the instructions on the website that offered it and carry through.

For example, if you want to take advantage of the awesome welcome bonus that is available right here at Barbados Bingo, you simply sign up with a few details then place your first deposit from as little as £10. That could win you an incredible 500 free spins to play on Starburst (Full Ts & Cs Apply)!

Winning Real Money in Online Slot Games

Winning cash on slots online, especially for free, is a lot of fun. But remember, it is meant to be about fun, not making a living! There is a risk involved, so only bet what you can afford.

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, £8 MAX WIN PER 10 SPINS, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.