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Funny Bingo Quotes

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There's almost no better way to prove your love for bingo game online than sharing a few funny bingo quotes. It is not all the time that people want to walk into a bingo hall and yell out BINGO! Sometimes, you can just sit back and share a few laughs with friends who are into the classic game of bingo just like you.

We have searched and found some funny bingo quotes that you will fall in love with at first read. If you fancy funny bingo joke quotes, do well to read on.

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A Few Funny Bingo Quotes

  • Political reporters can't determine what the news is anymore. The days of a minister giving briefings to a dozen correspondents in the lobby, and thereby dictating the news of the next day, are over. Now a thousand bloggers decide what's interesting on their own. If they're tickled enough then, bingo, you're news. This is an easy, funny bingo quote!

Daniel Hannan 

  • Money doesn't have anything to do with a person's grandeur. It hasn't. What counts is what you're making. Whether it is an online bingo sites UK night cake or a saint's outfit or a wall of water, whatever you pour into this life is what makes you wealthy.

Trigiani Adriana

  • If your grandma was ever forced to quit a bingo game because of her language, you could be a redneck.

Jeff Fox

  • Ideas float just like fish. A desire for an idea is like a hook's bait. It pulls and makes a sort of bait if you want an idea. Ideas will come and swim. And when they reach the conscious mind, you don't know them. And bingo then! It's there! You instantly know it. And then there are more coming in. A lot of ideas will only pop in if you go looking for ideas. And you'll fall in love with one of them.

David Lynch

  • Strom Thurmond turned up to work every day amid his infirmities and did not miss a Senate vote in his final year, although no one is sure whether a 'Bingo! shouted! 'Counted as a nay or yea.

Jon Stewart

  • We called the Weather Bureau and figured out what was traditionally the hottest summer day, so we scheduled that day's hearing, and bingo, it was Washington's hottest record day or close to, we went the night before and opened all the windows so that the air conditioning in the room didn't function.

Tim Wirth

  • One of the boxes on the "suspicious activity" bingo type that any copper carries around in its head along with "stupidly overpowerful dog" is not being invited in and being too quick to have an alibi. Fill out all the boxes, and you could also win an all-expense-paid visit to your nearest police station.

Aaronovitch Ben


Funny Bingo Quotes are evergreen. Thus no matter how old they are or how many times you say them, they'll still be funny. After enjoying a few laughs, you can play bingo online at Barbados bingo. Check here the Bingo jokes numbers!