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Important Bingo Facts

10 Bingo Facts you Must Know

Fun Bingo Facts

Do you know Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman from New York and a hire mathematician Carl Leffler, who invented the Bingo card with about 6000 combinations? Bingo is a timeless game of chance people love to play either in Bingo Halls or online Bingo sites. Young and old players are equally fascinated by this simple game that requires no skills or strategies. When it comes to online Bingo requirements, you don’t need much as the whole system is intuitive, and every win is random.

Ever wonder when the first time people used bingo cards? According to the statistics, the Germans first used Bingo in the 1800s to help students learn multiplication tables. Who could have thought that Bingo cards could be used as educational tools? Let's look at some interesting facts relating to Housie (UK term for Bingo Cards), or just jump on-board and play bingo online free.

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Important Bingo Facts & Statistics

When playing Bingo, whether online or in the halls, you will need a card with numbers called ticket players to mark off the numbers one by one. You need to purchase the ticket to play Bingo for real money on Barbados Bingo on multiple games Bingo Rooms that include 90 Balls, 75 Balls and 80 Balls. We also offer our new players a chance to win up to 500 free spins on Fluffy Favourites with only a £10 deposit (Full Ts and Cs Apply).

Do you know where the names 90 Ball, 80 Ball or 75 Ball come from? Bingo was played in halls in the beginning, and there was no RNG technology to guarantee random wins. Players picked the corresponding numbers randomly from a globe containing balls with different numbers hence the name 90 Balls or 80 Balls.

Here are 11 general facts about Bingo which very few people know:

  1. You can trace the roots of Bingo back to Italy, and it des, descended from Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'italia, which is an Italian national lottery.
  2. Bingo is playable using the set of 75, 80, and 90 numbers. However, The national bingo Game is played with only 90 numbers set.
  3. Bingo was first introduced as a boxed game called Beano and later transformed into Bingo when a player excitedly shouted “Bingo”.
  4. In the UK, Housey Housey went on to be called Bingo because of the similar gameplay.
  5. Above 3 million people in the UK play Bingo regularly at least twice a week.
  6. According to a survey, people live to play Bingo because its fun, a chance to win big and a great opportunity to socialise (in women case, to gossip)
  7. About 8% of the UK total population love to play Bingo, out of which 10% are women.
  8. Many celebrities love to play Bingo and have made their life with the money they won from Bingo, such as Zeta-Jones, who thanked Bingo because her father could afford her theatre school because he won.
  9. The Queen of England apparently loves Bingo, but instead of Bingo, she likes to call it “Palace”.
  10. The National Bingo Game has distributed about £1 Billion Prize money to date.
  11. £1,167,735 is the biggest Bingo win by Soraya Lowell in March 2008.

Things you should know about Online Bingo

Like online slots online, Bingo is a fan favourite, and many slot sites feature Bingo Rooms on their website for players who love to try their luck. Barbados Bingo offers players tins of Bingo Rooms with different prizes and low ticket prices and offers an extensive range of slot games from reputable developers.

Here are 10 online Bingo facts that online gamblers will love to know:

  1. Bingo Zone is the earliest online Bingo known, which launched in the year 1996.
  2. Online Bingo is a popular pastime activity for many UK people as it gathers about 3 million people daily.
  3. Online Bingo has a significant role in the economy’s increasing earnings.
  4. Not only in the UK, but online Bongo has also shown great development in the United States.
  5. The RNG technology used by online Bingo sites guarantees fair play, replacing the long-used bingo balls used in Bingo halls.
  6. The chat feature Bingo Rooms offer is an excellent opportunity for players to interact with their Bingo buddies while sitting at home.
  7. According to statistics, most online Bingo players ages between 30 to 40.
  8. About 47% of Bingo players admit that they find new friends through the Bingo chat features.
  9. The majority of the online Bingo players are women, and only 17% are men.
  10. Many people find online Bingo relaxing.

Suppose you do have time or luxury to plan a visit to Bingo Halls. In that case, it's time to register to Barbados Bingo for free and purchase a ticket to any Bingo Rooms you prefer after depositing funds in your casino account (All Ts and Cs Apply).

11 Fun-Facts About Bingo around the world

Bingo is a fun game, and everyone will agree with us! We have compiled a list of fun facts that are interesting and amusing. Some of these facts are surprising and we are willing to bet that you may have never heard them.

  1. UK people love Football but do you know that spending more on Bingo tickets than football events (Shocked!)
  2. Bingo start as Beano because players use to cover their number with Beans
  3. Margaret is the most common winner's name in Bingo. If your name is Margaret, statistically, you have a better chance to win on Bingo than anyone else (so try and let us know)
  4. About 48% of Bingo players play Bingo daily, and it's part of their routine, the same as brushing teeth and taking showers.
  5. It's a misconception that Bingo is an old people game; you will be shocked with statistics as the majority of bingo players ages between 30 and 40
  6. Bingo is about 500 years old.
  7. How long do you think a Bingo game lasts? Hour? Only 5 to 6 minutes.
  8. Bingo is most prevalent in Scotland; it’s estimated that about 1 in 5 Scots love to play Bingo.
  9. Bingo is used as a fun game in the 1800s; Bingo cards used for educational purposes.
  10. Many Bingo players claim that they feel relaxed after a Bingo game; we can safely say that Bingo is a stress reliever.
  11. In Australia, players don’t shout Bingo; instead, they shout “Housie.”

These are all fun facts about the Bingo game that are as entertaining as the game itself. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to try Bingo and see for yourself what all the fuss is about? We suggest joining Barbados Bingo for a fun time and a chance to win cash rewards if you happen to match the numbers.

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