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Jackpot Types Explained

Jackpot Types Explained

Online Slots & Bingo Jackpots

If you are new to online casinos and bingosites, slots are one of the most popular places to begin. Getting started with slots is easy and there is a wide range of themes, ways to win and prizes. Also, slots are common with most players and understanding the rules and principles is quite easy. 

Jackpot slots offer players the chance to win large sums of money with minimum effort. However, patience is required. Read on to find out more about the jackpots offered at casinos.

  • Types of Jackpot Bingo
  • Fixed Jackpots
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Network Jackpots
  • Multiple Jackpots
  • Mystery Jackpots

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Fixed Jackpots Types

Fixed jackpots are also known as standalone or flat jackpots.  Fixed jackpots are paid in a certain fixed amount every time they are won. Most online slots offer fixed jackpots. The prize for fixed jackpots doesn’t increase but is available to be won as soon as it is hit.

Progressive Jackpots

In progressive jackpots, the amount accumulates to six or seven figures until it won and then cashed out. For instance, a progressive jackpot payout may keep increasing until someone wins and cashes out their prize.  If no one claims the win, then it will continue to build up and grow. This makes playing more exciting.

With this type of bet, a small percentage of each bet is included to the grand prize. The total prize will continue rising with each spin until all winning conditions are met. Once it has been claimed, the jackpot starts counting again.

The progressive jackpots have no upper limit thus the prizes can be colossal. However, the frequency of hitting this jackpot is quite low. 

Progressive jackpots are of three types:

  • Standalone- localized to one machine
  • Proprietary or in-house-links machines in one casino
  • Wild area progressive jackpot-covers online casinos and larger avenues

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Network Jackpots

This is a type of jackpot where every casino that hosts a particular game contributes to the jackpot. An advantage of this type of jackpot can be quite high but as always, you should check the payable and precise betting limits and requirements in case your preferred casino has additional rules. They can, for instance, prohibit you from winning on free spins and may not offer online casino bonuses. You may also be required to bet a min amount. 

Multiple Jackpots

The majority of the bigger slots offer several jackpots allowing you a bigger chance of winning. For example, Hall of Gods by NetEnt has a network Mega jackpot in addition to two other smaller localized jackpots. The three constitute of the player’s wagers, but the smaller jackpots are exclusive to a specific casino or region. 

Mystery Jackpots

Mystery jackpots or mystery progressives offer players with a chance to win big by paying off at random points even when you don’t have a winning combo. The machine is programmed with a starting value and will randomly choose a point between that and the maximum jackpot. When you pass that point, you are paid. Another important type of jackpot is the bingo jackpot!

The conclusion on Online Jackpot Slots

Playing slots online can be quite exciting especially when you know that there is a prize at the end of it. One of the most important features of slots and play bingo games is the jackpots. You can view some of the expected pots in this article and make a choice of the casino you wish to play at.