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Best Online Bingo Games from Microgaming Provider

Barbados Bingo Games from Microgaming

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The popularity of online slots in the casino industry is nothing to overlook. However, there are situations when players need to try out something different. In such cases, games like Bingo offer a perfect escape from slot games, which can be accessed on free online bingo sites.

Among the top bingo games you can find on online casinos, Microgaming offers some excellent titles that players can try. Barbados Bingo gives players easy access to popular bingo rooms to have a fun time with other players.

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What are Online Bingo Games?

Bingo isn't a new game, and the original bingo games were played in Bingo halls. A Bingo game uses cards on which players can find printed numbers. The game has a host or caller responsible for drawing random cards and calling out the numbers.

The first player to form a winning pattern with the numbers called by the host yells out "Bingo" to let everyone know that there is a possible winner. A winner is confirmed when the host goes through the card and decides that the player has won.

On an online casino, on line bingo games may differ slightly. This is because it is possible to have an AI serve as the caller. There are also many unique variations of bingo games on online casinos.

How to Play Microgaming Bingo Games

Microgaming Bingo games are a bit different from the regular bingo games you know. These games have a unique design, but the gameplay remains the same across the various titles. To enjoy a Microgaming Bingo title, you can take these easy steps:

  1. Search for the game on any online casino and click on it to launch it.
  2. On the game interface, click on the bet per ticket button to adjust the bet.
  3. You can choose bets from £0.05 up to £10 for each round. Depending on the number of tickets you select, your bet will be multiplied.
  4. A play button is available on the right side of most Microgaming Bingo games for players to start a round.
  5. Hit the Play button and wait for the balls to appear on the screen.
  6. If you meet the right conditions, you may get the option to purchase an extra ball on the game.
  7. There is a button to cancel this offer and exit the round if you choose to do so.
  8. You can opt for the Autoplay option, which allows you to choose the number of rounds to play, bet per ticket, number of tickets, loss limit, single win limit, and purchase extra balls.

Most Microgaming Bingo titles have a jackpot feature, but this is only available to players that play with four tickets in a round.

Top Bingo Games from Microgaming

Microgaming is a developer that is renowned for its slot titles. In its Bingo category, it has just a few games, including:

FU 88

FU 88 is a bingo-based online game that is available on most online casinos. It is an excellent title from Microgaming and Neko Games, released in 2021. It has an oriental theme, a decent RTP of 95.13%, and it truly offers players a chance to change their fortunes with its 10000x maximum win.

The game screen of the game consists of four tickets arranged in a square pattern. Each of these tickets contains 15 unique numbers that players can change by clicking on the ticket. There is an 'X' symbol on each ticket that you can click to reduce the number of tickets you use for each game round.

You need to click on the Play Button to play the game, which causes 30 balls to drop into the screen. Getting as many matches as you can is the goal of the game. In a situation where you require a single number to win a ticket, you can purchase additional balls.

These purchases are limited to 12 per round. Players can also trigger a bonus round through jackpot coins. This bonus round provides a chance to claim a Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand Jackpot bonus.


Pachinko is a 2020 release from Microgaming and Neko Games. It is a high volatility slot with a 95.82% RTP. The game interface features four tickets, and players can reduce the number of tickets for a round if they desire. There is a Play button available for players to click to start a game.

The numbers on the tickets and balls can consist of numbers from 1-90, with the actual numbers on the ball determined by those appearing on your tickets. Players have access to excellent bonus features such as:

  • Wild Balls
  • Free Balls
  • Jackpot
  • Bonus Round

The jackpot on this game offers players a chance to win up to 5000x their stake.

Super Showball

The design of the Super Showball interface features four tickets, a double cage for the regular balls and a single cage for the additional balls available for purchase. Players can have a maximum of 60 numbers when they play with four tickets, and these can be any number from 1 – 90.

If you need a number to complete the winning pattern on a ticket, it is possible to purchase an additional ball. There are various winning patterns, including Coin Hopper, Full Card, Safe, Double Line, Vault, and more. Players can also get to a bonus round, the Extra Ball Stage, that may trigger Niko Cat to show up on the screen.

The cat's appearance offers a possibility for players to grab a Copper, Silver, Gold, or Diamond Mystery prize. The maximum win from these prizes is a possible 11,000x your stake, which is almost three times the 4,000x jackpot the slot offers.

Mayan Bingo

Mayan Bingo has a Mayan theme with statues on both sides of the screen and the four tickets arranged with two on each side. The game takes place inside a Mayan Pyramid, and to win the game, players must form winning patterns on tickets using balls the fall from the top of the stairs when the Play button is pressed.

The maximum win on this bingo game is a whopping 50,000x your stake when you get 15 out of 15 numbers from the 28 yellow balls that fall down the stairs. The game has an RTP of 96% and is one of the oldest bingo games from Microgaming, released in 2011.

Best Platforms to Play Bingo Games Online from Microgaming

Several online casino sites offer bingo games, and some sites only provide these titles. You can visit any of your favourite online casinos to find Microgaming Bingo games to play. There are excellent bingo games available on Barbados Bingo, so you can visit our homepage for more. Another huge advantage of playing on this platform is the availability of special bingo bonuses in addition to other promotions on the site. If you don’t like Microgaming bingo titles, then you could try out our Playtech bingo games!


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.