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Pay by Boku

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Pay by phone casinos that use Boku software are the most popular they’ve ever been. By adding the deposit charge to your phone bill, you can play your favourite online slots, bingo, or poker games while paying for it later. Buy now pay later services are always adored by people.

In this article, we’ve taken the liberty of documenting the crucial things to consider when deciding to visit pay by phones casinos that use Boku technology.

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What is a pay by phone casino?

A pay by phone casino uk using Boku software, is an online bingo uk casino that will allow you to deposit money to your online gambling account with your monthly phone bill or phone pay as you go credit. We describe it playing now and playing later, as your monthly bill will likely be paid at a different date to your casino deposit date, giving you some breathing room before payment is required.

The phone casino using Boku software, will ask you to enter your phone number. You’ll receive a text message containing a code that you will use to verify you are the owner of the mobile phone number in question. After entering this code, your money will be credit instantly to your casino account, and either deducted from your phone credit or added to your monthly bill. It’s easy.

This is a very secure payment method because pay by phone casinos using Boku software, will not require you to disclose any personal or financially sensitive information at all. With paying by phone, all you enter is a phone number. There are no sensitive card numbers or account usernames/passwords to enter, meaning your hard-earned finances are safe at all times.

Can I deposit using my phone bill?

A pay by phone casino using Boku software, will allow you to pay using your phone bill. To check if this is possible at your favourite online casino, search for a payment method with one of the following names: Pay By Mobile, Mobile Pay, Pay By SMS, Charge to Mobile, Charge to Bill.

To be eligible for this method of payment, you’ll need to check if your mobile phone’s network provider has barred premium payments. If there is a payment bar on your account, you’ll be unable to use it to pay for anything online anywhere. A quick call should be enough to get them to remove the bar, so you can deposit and play new bingo games online

If you are visiting pay by phone casinos using Boku with phone credit instead of a monthly bill, you’ll obviously need to ensure you have enough of a balance to successfully complete your deposit. If your credit is insufficient, it’ll be declined in the same way as a bar.

It’s also important to note that with pay by phone, Boku imposes a £30 limit. Therefore, if you like to deposit in large amounts, pay by phone may not be suitable for you. Although, this limit is excellent for being financially responsible while gambling.

Other common phone deposit methods

Aside from paying by phone at casinos with Boku, you can pay via debit and credit card, and we’re sure you’re aware of this. Whether it be AMEX, Mastercard, or VISA, paying via card is still one of the most trusted ways of getting money into your online casino account.

Secondly, there is Paypal. Being a 3rd party payment processor, Paypal offer online casino players access to all their various payment account with one username/password combination. For this reason, using Paypal can be quite a convenient way of depositing money. Not to mention their rigorous security protocols.

Thirdly, there’s also good ol’ bank transfer, commonly called wire transfer. Transferring from your own bank account to the casino’s still used by many, particularly because there are high deposit limits, perfect for big spenders. There’s also the fact that you don’t need to release any sensitive financial information so it’s quite secure.

Lastly, although there are a few more ways of depositing at casinos, aside from Boku’s paying by phone facility, we thought we’d bring Bitcoin to your attention. Being an anonymous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is perfect for those conscious of remaining inconspicuous online.

Final thoughts

Paying by phone at casinos with Boku software has many advantages. It allows you to play now and pay later, it is simple and secure, and it promotes responsible gambling. The only drawback is it’s low deposit limit. It’s hard to not want to deposit in this way, so we think it’d be good for you.