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Over the last few years, real money Slingo games have become incredibly popular. It is no surprise either because the Slingo concept has managed to blend two of the most popular online casino games: online slots and online bingo. Utilising the famous 5x5 scorecard from 75-ball bingo and online slot reels, you won’t find a better mash-up than Slingo at bingo site platforms.

Amazingly, Slingo has been a thing since the 1990s. However, it took the idea a long time to get off the ground for various reasons. Nowadays, Slingo Originals is the developer in charge of creating real money Slingo games, with a rapidly expanding back-catalogue of games under its belt.

You can play real money Slingo games with us at Barbados Bingo with incredible ease. Just hit the ‘Play Now’ button to get spinning one of the many Slingo titles available in our catalogue. Additionally, remember that depositing at least £10 as a first-time customer can result in up to 500 free spins on selected slots and to wager on bingo games (Full Ts & Cs Apply). Read on for more information about playing real money Slingo games.

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An overview of real money Slingo games

Before we delve deeper into the concept of real money Slingo games, let’s run through a quick overview. In essence, Slingo is a fusion of online bingo and online slots. For example, when you play real money Slingo games, players spin a reel at the bottom of the screen, hoping that the numbers that appear correspond with what is on the 5x5 bingo scorecard.

As in standard bingo, the aim is to cross as many horizontal, vertical, or custom lines as possible during each round. Players lucky enough to do so will earn “Slingos” which result in cash winnings and access to various bonus features.

Step-by-step: How to play real money Slingo games

That is a brief overview of what real money Slingo games are. Now it is time to give a step-by-step breakdown of how to play them. We know how tempting it is to hit ‘Play Now’ and get stuck in immediately, but learning how to play Slingo is a vital part of being successful.

We are always looking to help, so here is a step-by-step guide on how to play real money Slingo games:

  1. The first thing to do is choose a real money Slingo game to play. Slingo Originals has given us a significant amount of choice here. Try and choose a game with high RTP, some exciting bonus features and relatively straightforward gameplay.
  2. Clicking ‘Play Now’ will launch the real money Slingo game of your choosing. Before taking any extra steps, ensure you use the information option to familiarise yourself with the symbols and winning combinations.
  3. With real money Slingo games, players must set their stake for a round, usually 10-12 spins. This contrasts regular online slots, where bets are made for each spin.
  4. After setting your wager, it is time to let the game commence. Use the spin button to give the reel at the bottom of the screen a whirl. If a number appears on the reel that matches a value in the column above it will be crossed off.
  5. The aim of the game whilst playing real money Slingo is to cross as many full lines off as possible. Doing so is called a “Slingo”, and players will receive a multiplier prize on completion and entry to various bonus features.
  6. There are a few special symbols to look out for in most Slingo Originals games. Ensure you know how a few of these work:
  • Jokers: Joker symbols in real money Slingo games are similar to wild symbols in online slots. A joker icon can substitute with any number in the column directly above it. Choose wisely, as getting it wrong can cost you a Slingo.
  • Super Joker: A Super Joker is an even better version of a Joker symbol. When these appear on the reel, they can substitute with any number on your scorecard.
  • Free Spin: As you might expect, free spins are pretty enticing whilst playing real money Slingo games. The easiest way to receive them is through the free spin symbols.
  1. After each round ends on a real money Slingo game, players have the option of buying an extra few spins. This can be incredibly useful if you are close to hitting Slingos and unlocking the more lucrative bonus rounds.

Registration & Slingo Deposits as UK Casinos

It is all very well and good learning how to play real money Slingo games, but without knowing how to sign up and deposit, there isn’t much point. Luckily, this certainly isn’t the hardest thing to learn how to do. Primarily, learning how to sign up and deposit to play real money Slingo games rests on choosing the best site for the job.

As you might expect, in our humble opinion Barbados Bingo is the best place to play real money Slingo games. This is because of our incredible collection of games, super-secure site, various payment options, and generous welcome or loyalty offers that show we do care. Here is how to sign up and deposit at Barbados Bingo:

  1. To kick the process off, input some basic personal information to begin creating your Barbados Bingo profile.
  2. After this, lookout for an email verification link in your inbox. Click on this to validate your email address.
  3. First-time Barbados Bingo customers, listen up! Deposit at least £10 to qualify for our generous welcome offer. This can reward players with up to 500 free spins selected slots (Full Ts & Cs Apply).

Learning how to sign up and deposit to play real money Slingo games is exceptionally easy. Here are a few more sites to check out:

  • Umbingo
  • Pay By Mobile Casino
  • Thor Slots
  • Easy Slots
  • Slots Baby

Slingo No deposit bonuses vs real money bonuses

Are you aware of the difference between no deposit bonuses and real money bonuses? It is essential knowledge to have whilst playing real money Slingo games. Here is a fundamental overview:

  • No deposit bonuses: No deposit online casino bonuses are offers that players can claim without needing to deposit money.
  • Real money bonuses: To claim a real money bonus players must deposit a certain amount of money.

No deposit vs. real money bonuses: which one wins? Look below for some pros and cons of each:

Type of Bonus



No deposit bonus

·       No financial deposit necessary to claim.

·       A great way to increase bankroll for free.

·       No deposit bonuses generally come with terms and conditions that must be satisfied before you can withdraw any winnings.

Real money bonus

·       Real money bonus rewards can be very generous. For example, up to 500 free spins on selected slots (Full Ts & Cs Apply) via the Barbados Bingo welcome offer.

·       Less regulation surrounding when you can withdraw winnings.

·       A real money deposit is required to activate real money bonuses.

·       There can be slightly more risk involved with real money bonuses.

Best 5 real money Slingo slots

That is all you need to know about how to play real money Slingo slots. Keep reading for a quick look at the top 5 real money Slingo slots to get stuck in to:

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches proves Slingo Originals’ commitment to making Slingo the next big thing. Using the iconic theme from Barcrest’s seminal collection of Irish games, Slingo Rainbow Riches has a 95.6% RTP and an impressive maximum bet of £200.00.

Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Aesthetically speaking, Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is nothing ground-breaking, and its 93% RTP is also lower than average. This all pales in significance when you realise the 100,000x maximum jackpot. With a £10 maximum bet, this could bag players £1,000,000. If you want to be a millionaire, maybe it is time to play Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire at Barbados Bingo.

Red Hot Slingo

Red Hot Slingo is among the best real money Slingo games at the moment because of its 5x3 reel grid. As a result, the action is a lot more exciting, the RTP hits 96.33%, and Red Hot Slingo’s volatility is boosted.

Slingo Starburst

NetEnt’s Starburst is still one of the best slots of all time, so it is no surprise that Slingo Starburst is equally impressive. Taking all the best bits from the original, Slingo Starburst is a great bet for players wanting to win money with its 96.5% RTP and low variance.

Slingo Centurion

Slingo Centurion is one of the best real money Slingo games, mainly because of its impeccable design and four bespoke bonus features.


*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.