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Slingo Free Play

slingo free play

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Love slots? Love online bingo? You’re going to love what we think is the best combination of the two - Slingo.

Slingo is actually an entire series of slot and bingo games, but for today’s purposes, we’re going to focus on the first of all of them, simply entitled Slingo Classic, also developed by… Slingo.

The game itself is a cracker, and we fully recommend giving it a go, especially when we can tell you that we have the inside scoop on how to play it for free. Check out how to get a hold of Slingo free play today!

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How to Play Free Slingo for Free

There are two options to be able to play Slingo for free with Slingo free play. One of those is the classic method of finding a demo version of Slingo to check out what the game is all about before playing it for real money.

If you are not familiar with what a demo game actually is then let us tell you all about it. Demo games are put together by the developers of the original slot game, in this case Slingo, to get a feel for the game before you play it for real cash. You can’t actually win any money with them, but they’re a great idea.

We especially recommend trying out a demo game for Slingo as it is a rather confusing game at first glance, with a whole bunch of different rules due to its intricate blend of both bingo and slot game parts.

There is one more way to play Slingo for free, that can actually win you money, however. To do that, you’ll need to take part in some online casino site bonuses… casino bonuses can allow you to make the most of Slingo free play and maybe even win some cash in the process. More on that shortly.

Slingo Bonuses & In-Game Free Spins

Slingo’s wonderful blend of the popular online casino games of bingo and slots have made it one of the most unusual and yet popular casino games on the market. If you’ve never had a go at a Slingo game before, we recommend starting with the original, entitled Slingo Classic, and then making your way through the series from there.

Check out our overview of the original Slingo game right here:

  • RTP - at 95%, the RTP is below the average RTP of a slot game, but remember, the average RTP of a bingo game is around the 89% mark so if you find the middle of the two, Slingo looks pretty good!
  • Variance - Slingo is famous for having fairly regular wins, although there isn’t a tonne of cash to be made.
  • Bonuses - the nature of the Slingo games is that they don’t really have any bonuses in them, but that’s okay - we still love them!

Playing Slingo Free Online

So, about those casino bonuses… here’s how to make the most of them. Welcome bonuses are dished out by casino sites to woo over potential new customers, and you can either get free cash or free spins to use on their site.

This could be a great way to access Slingo free play, as some casinos will offer up their free cash or free spins to use on any game on their site. Be aware though, these vague welcome bonuses might not be as lucrative as welcome bonuses for a specific game.

Here at Barbados Bingo, we don’t offer any free spins on Slingo or any of its games specifically but you could win up to 500 free spins to play on Starburst with our welcome bonus. Simply place your first deposit of £10 or more as a new customer and you could win a smashing prize, then play your deposit on one of the Slingo games if you so wish!

Other Free Bingo & Slot Games

Let’s have a look at some of the best games in the Slingo series. One of these is bound to take your fancy, and you could even use it as your first port of call to play your deposit cash on right here at Barbados Bingo is that is your game plan.

Barbados Bingo has some cracking Slingo games just waiting to be played, and don’t forget - if you are not a customer with us yet then you can win some amazing prizes from the Mega Wheel just by signing up with us today and placing your first deposit of as little as £10. What are you waiting for!?