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The Best Blackjack Strategies Explained

The Best Blackjack Strategies Explained

The Best Blackjack Strategies Explained

As one of the most popular online casino game, Blackjack has continued to increase in its popularity since it moved to its online home; which is evident through the fact that a bingo site offers this casino option too.  It is loved because it can be played in so many different places and has accessibility for manner different levels of players, suitable for beginners up to the professional level of Blackjack player.

As it is a game that involved but luck and strategy, it is a game which keeps the attention of players for long periods of time and has the ability to enable players to win large quantities of cash in return for their troubles.  It seems that the more strategies are applied to this game, the more enjoyment a player will gain.  So what are the best strategies to use?

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Understand the Aim of this Casino Game

Before beginning to play Blackjack, it is important that you understand what you are trying to do before you start playing.  By this, we are referring to understanding the general rules.  The main idea is that you get your hand of cards to reach Blackjack which means that they total 21, without going over this number which is known as going bust.

Play and Win at Blackjack

Blackjack begins with each player round the table being dealt two cards after all players have placed their bets.  One car faces upwards and the other faces the table. This is how each player works out what they would like to do when it is their turn in the game of Blackjack.  The dealer is also playing the game at the same time and you want to beat their hand or at least draw with them to be able to win or retain your bet.  To do so effectively, you need to be able to strategize well.

Though Blackjack is very much a skill-based game, you will also have to test your nerve as you play this game as it takes a great deal to know when to play in a certain way.  Making big decisions in this game can be costly so you need to be confident in your decisions when you are choosing to stick or hit so that you do not go bust and lose your bet.  This is not always easy, but with time and practice, you will be able to learn this skill.

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Count the Cards in Blackjack

One of the most common ways strategies used in Blackjack is that of card counting which you may have heard referred to as tagging.  Although you may think it refers to the number of cards in a pack being counted, this is not actually the case, as it actually refers to the way in which the cards are played and what you can potentially expect to come next which is helpful as you can then make an educated prediction as to how you should bet.

This strategy is only effective for long term Blackjack playing, so if you are only wanting to play one game, you need to find an alternative method for increasing your winning potential.

To count cards, you need to do some mental arithmetic as you play Blackjack so this is a great memory recall exercise too.  Don’t just take the cards that head your way into consideration, but all of the cards which are played in the game, so every player's cards including the dealers.

As the cards are dealt, you need to add or subtract one from the number you are retaining in your mind.

Cards with a value between 2 and 6, add one.  Cards with a picture on, an Ace or a 10 in value should have one removed.  The cards not mentioned (7, 8, and 9) can be ignored in this method of Blackjack strategizing.  At the end of your Blackjack game, you will have a number in your head which will either be negative or positive and this will determine what you should do during the next round of Blackjack.

Positive totals indicate that you should increase your bet because you know that the cards remaining in the deck are of higher values and therefore you are going to be more likely to be able to hit Blackjack from two cards.  Negative totals indicate that you should decrease your bet because you know that the cards remaining in the deck are of lower values and there is a much lesser chance of you going bust and losing your bet.

Strategy Charts

For some players, having a strategy method which can be visualised as they play is a much better way of assisting in their play.  They are able to see in a chart form which they are able to memorise as to whether they should hit or stick and even whether they should increase or decrease their bet.  But choosing the correct Blackjack Strategy Chart is imperative so that you get the desired outcome.

Blackjack Strategy Charts are not particularly aesthetically pleasing but that is not their role here.

They are clearly laid out to give the maximum information to players.  With the total that the two-card deal equals going down the left side of the chart and the total of the dealers' cards going along the top of the chart, the two points need to be referenced to find where the points correlate.

At this specific point, there will be something written in the box and it will also be a particular colour.

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Why are Strategy Charts Favoured?

Strategy Charts are popular methods of increasing the outcomes of Blackjack because of the way they can be memorised.  They have many different colours on them which help them to be recalled easily and quickly by players whenever they need them.

Strategy Charts are also helpful because they do not only help players decide on basic decisions like hit or stick, but also will assist with more high-level decisions such as whether to split cards or even whether to surrender.

It seems that the more frequent the Blackjack player, the more likely they are to use the strategy of the Chart as opposed to counting cards, but of course, it is all personal preference. If you don’t feel ready yet, why not check out full blackjack guide too?

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