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The Complete Guide to Online Blackjack

The Complete Guide to Online Blackjack

The Complete Guide to Online Blackjack

It is said that Blackjack originates from the casino of France in the 18th century but despite being hundreds of years old, it remains just as popular as ever.

Changing slightly, but still recognisable as the game we know and love today, it is believed that Blackjack was a combination game of two of the most popular casino games in France at the time: Chemin de Fer and French Ferme.

The French have always been keen to lay their claim over the creation of Blackjack, but its specific roots have never actually been properly located.  But where it originally came from has never had an impact on how much this game has been played and loved in the years since the French first laid claim to it and it has also had a modern twist put on it which has since its popularity increased even more so.

Being popular in countries worldwide, land-based casinos offer their players the opportunity to be able to play Blackjack with ease and style.  But with the modern gambler wanting to be able to play their favourite casino game from the comfort of their own home at any time of the day or night, it was important that Blackjack went online.  This has meant that Blackjack has seen another surge in its popularity with mobile gaming, online casino providers and apps providing many different ways for modern-day Blackjack players to get their fix fast.

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The Basics on Blackjack Online

Blackjack can be just as fun for the beginner as it can be for the professional gambler and is enjoyed by millions of players for many different reasons.  Some people enjoy it because it is a game which is played at such speed and therefore there is never time to get bored and for your mind to wonder.

For other players, the level of skill and the strategies they use is the main draw of this game, as they want to try and beat the dealer and win as much money as they possibly can through tried and tested strategies.

Blackjack begins with the dealer giving each player two cards which are visible to everyone at the table so are laid facing upwards on the table.  The dealer also receives two cards.  The idea is to beat the dealer but there is not just one way in which this can be done and this is where many people are intrigued by the game.  It is a simple concept but the strategies used can make this game very interesting to participate in as well as to watch.

Beating the dealer can be done via one of two ways.  You either need to be closer to the total of 21 with your card total, or you need to not go bust when the dealer has done so.  Blackjack may be a game of strategy but it is also a game which will test the nerve of even the most hardened gambler.  Each card in the game of Blackjack is represented by a number whether it displays a number or not and this is how you decide what your next move should be when it becomes your turn.  Will you hit or stick?  All cards in a deck are used in the game of Blackjack and they all have their own number associated with them which will make a guaranteed difference to your total hand and to your decision.

The picture cards and the Ace cards are also used and they all score 10.  To get Blackjack and win the game, you do so by making a total of 21 out of two cards only, either with two picture cards, Ace or a 10.  The bonus of doing so is that you are rewarded with the extra 1 you need to make the 21 and achieve Blackjack.

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Blackjack Terminology Explained

The aim in any game of Blackjack is either to beat the dealer and get closest to 21 or not to go bust when the dealer has.  But during your playtime, you will hear multiple different terms which would be helpful to fully understand before you get stuck into the game properly.  The term “going bust” has just been mentioned and refers to a player or the dealer going over the value of 21 with their cards.

When this occurs, they automatically lose that round of the game of Blackjack and are no longer in contention for winning anything.

The terms “stand” or “stick” are used when the player does not want to add another card to the value of cards which are already in their hand.  It makes complete sense if you remember this by thinking that you just want to stick with what you have got.  Adding an extra card to your hand at the wrong time will massively increase your risk of going bust but you cannot always choose to stick.  You can do so on any total card values over the total sum of 12 but such a low value, many players would still choose to “hit”.

To “hit” is to take another card and is your way of requesting another card for your hand from the dealer.  You never take a card yourself.  If you have a low hand, such as below the sum total of 12, you would always choose “hit” but any value of 12 and above, you have the choice.  But remember that the more cards you have and the more times you choose “hit”, the more likely you are to go bust.  This is where your nerves of steel come in to play.

Whether you choose to play the game of Blackjack in a casino or online, these terms and concepts remain exactly the same.  There are buttons at the bottom of your screen for playing online with “hit” or “stand”, along with a couple of other terms used frequently, so that you can communicate easily with the dealer without having to actually be able to see the dealer or be in the same room with any other player.

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Counting Cards Strategy – Can you get away with it?

This is one of the two most popular strategies for playing Blackjack which we will explain, but you should know that it is not particularly useful when you are playing online unless you are playing Live Blackjack.  This is because you never see the full deck of cards in an online game and therefore you will never be able to rely on this strategy working to its fullest to help you to make the best decision as to how to move forward.  Counting cards is a great strategy if you are playing Blackjack for a longer period of time but is no use to a player who just wants a quick flurry.

Contrary to its name, counting cards does not actually refer to you counting the cards themselves but actually keeping a mental note of the cards which have been drawn throughout the game.  This is not something which is only tallied in relation to your cards of the dealers, but in fact, all of the cards played in the entire game by every player and the dealer.

It is about mental arithmetic and will enable you to know what you should do with your future bet.

For any card with a value between 2 and 6, add one to your mental tally, for the highest cards which are the Ace, number 10 and the picture cards, you subtract one from your mental tally.  You do this for the entire round and you will be left with either a negative or positive number.  It’s really simple but really effective.  If you are left with a positive number, you are being shown that there are higher card denominations left in the deck to be played in the next round. Blackjack Strategy

As your chances of reaching Blackjack are much higher, you should increase your bet as your winnings could be significant.  On the other hand, if you are left with a negative number, you are being alerted to the fact that there are lower card denominations remaining in the deck for the next round.  This shows you that your likelihood of going bust as higher and your likelihood of obtaining Blackjack are lower, so decreasing your bet here would be a wise thing to do.

Strategy Charts Explained

This is the alternative to card counting which is used by the more professional of Blackjack players and is very useful when it comes to knowing whether to bet with larger stakes.

Strategy Charts specifically for Blackjack were created in order to help professional players quickly picture what they should do, even when they were under large amounts of pressure.  It’s good to be aware that there are different charts though so that you don’t end up using the wrong strategy in the middle of the wrong game and losing considerable amounts of cash.

A Strategy Chart can be memorised and assists players to determine whether they should stand, hit, double down, surrender, and more.  The three most common charts are those of the basic chart, single deck and double deck, and you must determine which game is being played before you use the chart in question.  The basic Blackjack Strategy Chart is the most commonly used and has the sum of the dealers hand along the top and the sum of the players hand along the side.  This refers to their two originally dealt cards only.  Where the two sum total cross over, there will be a box which will be of a certain colour and will display additional information to help with your decision as to what to do next.  A green “S” for example, would indicate that you would be wise to stick with the cards you have, but a yellow “H” would advise you to take a hit.

Other Essential Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is one of the most popular games for a good reason and that is because it is one of the only casino games where the odds are in the favour of the player and not the casino.

Players will always get a larger payout than the dealer, even if the dealer wins because the dealer only gets a 1:1 payout but players get a 3:1 payout.  This helps players play for longer at the Blackjack table and also enables them to make up for any rounds they may have previously lost.

Players also have more options when they are playing Blackjack than the dealer has.  They are able to double their winnings as well as split their cards.  Players can also choose to stand any time after they have reached a total card value of 12 but the dealer has to take a hit until they have a total card value of 17 which increase their risk of going bust dramatically.

Getting Started with Online Blackjack

Though Blackjack is thought to have originated from France and have been formulated from two of France’s most popular casino games, Blackjack is moving with the times.  It can now be played online, websites specifically created for Blackjack play and apps.  It can be played in exactly the same way so there are no new rules for players to need to learn and there are many new reasons as to why Blackjack players are enjoying playing this much-loved casino classic online more than ever before.

Mainly due to its convenience, people can now Blackjack whenever and wherever they choose to do so as they are no longer limited to the opening times of a casino and do not have to spend time, money and energy travelling to a specific casino in order to play this popular game.  As it can now be played on any sort of mobile device, tablets and mobile phones are often the best way for Blackjack players to be able to play this game as they travel, requiring only a fast, reliable and secure internet connection.  For frequently travelling business people, this has been an instant hit, as it has with many other fans of Blackjack around the world, with its popularity increasing every month.

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