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Bingo is truly one of the most famous games in the world. A simple call and respond game in many ways, players have to listen out for numbers as they are called and, hopefully, fill their playing cars or ticket with all the numbers needed.

The simple charm of bingo is that much of it is purely down to the luck of the player and the random nature of which the numbers are called. With games ranging in the amount of numbers available and the amount of money it costs to buy a ticket, no game of bingo is the same and this again adds to the simple thrill of free no deposit bingo. Originally started by the Italians hundreds of years ago, bingo soon evolved and found it’s way to the UK where it has very much become something of a staple of British culture.

Whether you like to play down the bingo hall or indeed online via the many free online bingo servers that exist today, many are still playing this classic game. And they have just as much as of a chance of wining as you do, with everyone needing the same amount of numbers to get that much revered full house that would land you the jackpot. However, as ever with gambling there are always going to be theories and strategies that revolve around increasing your chances of winning and bingo is no different in that sense.

With this in mind, we bring you the top three bingo strategies.

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Granville’s bingo strategy

While there is not choice for bingo methods, due to the simple and random nature of the game, there are a couple of well known theories. The first of these is Granville’s bingo strategy which is all to do with spreading your chosen digits across the full spectrum available when you play bingo online.

This can be done rather simply by having an equal number of high and low numbers, an equal number of even and odd numbers and finally, having an equal amount of numbers that end with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. According to this bingo and online bingo strategy, this increases your chances, but you can be the judge yourself by trying it out.

Tippett bingo strategy

The Tippet bingo method applies best to longer free bingo games to play now that use the full range of 70 balls. The idea is that the longer the game goes on, the mean number should be the mean amount of the set of numbers so which, according to Tippett, is the the number 38.

To use this one, pick bingo cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75 when you are playing short games of bingo and, as for the longer games players have to pick bingo cards with numbers closer to the number 38. Simple. Does it work, though?

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