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Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

As you’d likely depict from its name, you’d guess it’s a bonus feature that comes with you not having to spend your money, right? Well, yes. But that would be way too easy as no online casino would be giving out free money just like that to players to play slots or online bingo uk.

No deposit casino bonus is a way to make sure players are persuaded to play a game. The games are usually that of slot games, and the bonus comes in the form of a welcome package for new players or monthly incentives from an online casino promotions page.

No deposit casino bonus involves winning real money, but with terms and conditions, one of the most important terms and conditions is wagering requirements. The common notion that no deposit casino bonus has many benefits for players, but the online casino might have an even bigger advantage. Many casino players rush at this bonus because it’s “free” in terms of deposit required, which are magical words to any gambler.

Depending on the online casino, the bonus is given when you create an account with them. You'd see a cash bonus credited to your account and sometimes come with free spins. You'd most likely get at least 10 free spins with a no deposit casino bonus and a minimal cash deposit of £10.

However, these bonuses can also come with a day expiry or a 7 day expiry, and some just expire within 3 days. This is why a player must thoroughly read the terms and conditions and take advantage of whatever you must from it to enjoy slot and new bingo games online.

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PROS of No Deposit Casino Bonus

In general, a bonus with no deposit required entices people, which is the main aim of an online casino. A slot machine would not advertise itself or naturally attract players only across a region. The casino slots will be incorporated with bonuses such as this to drive popularity and increase fanbase.

On the positive side for the players, it enables them to enrich their gambling experience for free. While you're playing with a no deposit casino bonus, you can see whether you like a casino.

Also, you can test its offered slot games and do all this without risking any money. However, there is the issue of the wagering requirement, which will be discussed later in this article. A drawback for the no deposit casino bonus is that the cash bonuses given are minimal and could almost be compared to nothing since there would be wagering requirements.

Many online casinos offer this bonus as well as other typical bonuses to attract players, but here at Barbados Bingo, we give 500 free spins to new players, loyalty offers, monthly spins, and other rewards, all on a required deposit.

Other Common Casino Bonuses

There are many other online casino bonuses, and there are three most common types, which include:

  • Deposit bonuses
  • Free spins
  • No deposit bonuses

These bonuses are further broken down into sections and usually come in welcome/sign up packages to fascinate players.

Deposit Bonuses

One of the most widespread types of bonuses used by online casinos to incentivize players. Usually, the qualifying wagering contributions vary for you to win the bonuses, and the withdrawal from the bonus is almost instant. In this bonus, both players and casino are not losing, but the wagering requirements to cash out on the bonus is at times very high.

A typical welcome deposit bonus is 100% extra on top of your first deposit. This is as long as you've been verified you're not gambling under the age of 18. This type of bonus gives you twice your deposit balance to play with. For example, if your deposit required to win the bonus funds is £100 when you deposit this, you'd get an instant £200 in your casino account. And most times, they're accompanied by free spins.

For new players and old-timers, this bonus is always a sure deal. It still works in incentivizing players to make a deposit. For a fact, most deposit bonuses are worth checking out, especially if you're planning to play anyway, but it is just as important to take a look at the paytable and terms and conditions. This way, you don't rush into the bonus and end up with 000x your stake.

 Also, make sure to check for timelines like 7 days wagering deposit and when the bonus expires before playing. It's important to note that wagering requirements can be very high for this type of bonus, making it very hard to convert to real withdrawable cash.

Free Spins

Another hugely popular bonus you'd find in online casinos. It's so popular that five types of it run in casinos. Some need you to make a deposit while others don't. The five types of free spins you'd get in an online casino include:

  • Free spins no deposit
  • Deposit free spins
  • Wager-free free spins
  • Play money free spins
  • Real money free spins
  • Free bingo no deposit

Free spins no deposit

Somewhat similar to the no deposit online casino bonus, but in this case, they don't always come with a cash prize. Also, these types of spins are given solely because your complete registration at an online casino.

The bonus provides at least 10 free spins on registration and can go as high as 100 free spins. Although it is a bonus awarded without a deposit, it sometimes comes with wagering requirements where your rollover requirement could be as high as 50x wagering.

When you play with this bonus, you're required no deposit, and you can use it to test your gaming experience at most. It's one of the best online casino bonuses and is widely accepted amongst players. In UK online casinos, gaming activity is restricted, and this bonus is usually referred to as extra spins due to advertisement restrictions.

Deposit free spins

A free spins bonus that comes in exclusive welcome packages for new players. Games from leovegas gaming plc are familiar with this type of bonus. To enjoy the bonus, you'd be required to make a deposit, and the qualifying wagering contributions vary according to casinos.

In casino UK, the bonus feature is hugely popular as you can use the deposit free spins to trigger other bonuses. It comes with the best offers and includes cash prizes, which you can cash out when you reach wagering requirements.

This type of free spins is what we offer on Barbados Bingo. We give our new players up to 500 free spins on deposit, and our expiration dates are of different ranges. Some spins are awarded within 3 days of registration, and they are those that are awarded within 7 days of registration. Also, the bonuses can have a day expiry or a 7 day expiry. Check out our promotions page to be a part of this mouth-watering offer.

Wager-free free spins

This bonus is one that's trending in online casinos. It allows players to win money with deposit or no deposit required without meeting a wagering requirement. No doubt, a wagering requirement kills the thrill most players get when they win money from spins. But with this type of free spins, your cash is awarded instantly into your account.

Play money free spins

A bonus that comes with nothing else but a lot of fun. It is compared to a demo slot where you're neither losing money not gaining but just playing for the fun of it. The play money and everything else associated with this feature is virtual. This type of free spins is most suitable for new players or old-timers trying out a new site and are not prepared to take advantage of the slot.

Most slots incorporate this feature as it might lead to whoever plays it for free, becoming a regular customer of the game. Take a look at slots on Barbados bingo and see which you can play with play money.

Real money free spins

A bonus where you can trigger another bonus round while playing it. It's one of the most popular amongst free spins, and your wins from it are paid as a bonus on whatever you get after meeting a wagering requirement. All these bonus rounds associated with free spins have varying conditions. You either make a deposit or not; always check out the terms and conditions for better info.

No deposit bonuses

The third most common of all bonuses offered in online casinos. This free no deposit bonus can be anything from a handful of free spins to a free casino chip that allows players to check out some of the games for free. For most casinos, these offers are to get more people to sign up to their sites or are free VIP bonuses as part of a loyalty scheme, as you'd find on Barbados Bingo.

However, you should note a free no deposit bonus will most likely have high wagering requirements and maximum withdrawal limits. And as such, you should always check out the details, even if it's for free. Remember to always take a look at information as anything past 50x wagering may be too high and best avoided.

No Deposit Bonus Vs Deposit Bonuses

The big debate amongst players is which is better between No deposit bonus and deposit bonuses. It all depends on the perspective of the player and which he considers worthy of which isn't. We've been discussing what no deposit bonus is, so we shall hammer more on deposit bonuses and see which one suits your taste.

A casino deposit bonus is a bonus a player gets when they deposit at a casino. It is often given immediately after you make a deposit, with a certain amount of bonus funds being added to your account to play with on top of your own money. As a result, it increases your bankroll and allows you to place more bets giving you more chances to win. However, this is paid as a bonus and isn’t yet actual money and cannot be withdrawn unless specific requirements are met.

This is done, so casinos will not be at a loss and are usually given on signing up at new online casinos. It takes the idea of all other bonuses, and that is to attract players but this time, with tempting bonus funds. Some things also come with deposit bonuses to take note of before applying for it. There are:

  • Time Limit – There's usually a time to wager the bonus money. The offer might have a day expiry or 7 days. Slot machines are now incorporated with timing mechanisms to know when the bonus feature is valid or not.
  • Eligible games –Slot games are usually the most eligible games to these bonuses than other casino games like roulette or blackjack.
  • Maximum bets –You might not be allowed more than a specific limit when applying for a deposit bonus.

To know if deposit bonuses are better than no deposit bonuses, take cognizance of all these factors and conclude. If you're still in doubt, note that deposit bonuses take a while since you get more time playing when you have bonus money in play. Also, the more money you have, the better your chances of winning as well.

Also, many casinos these days automatically give a deposit bonus after you make a deposit. If you want to decline, you'd have to contact customer support so they can instruct you on how to decline before you start to play. If you start playing without declining, you will have to claim and play with the wagering requirements unless it's forfeitable. However, for casinos that use bonus codes, it's very easy to reject their bonus as you won’t just input the bonus code.

So, with all these on deposit bonus and above paragraphs on no deposit bonus, it's up to players to determine which one works best and which they'd love to play with.

Online Casino Offers Vs Brick and Mortar Casino Bonuses

With the popularity of online casinos rising, many have taken their gambling passion from remote places to the internet. There is no more to travel to have a good gambling experience when you can do the same on the best online casinos with a few taps. It does bring the comparisons of which is better at online casino offers and brick and mortar casino bonuses.

Online casinos are modelled after brick and mortar casinos, after all, and incorporate almost the same bonuses. So what makes them different from each other?

Better Bonuses

Online casinos offer better bonuses than Brick and mortar casinos. Compared to online casinos, Brick and Mortar give smaller packages that take the form of a free £5 or £10 chip to use on games for new players. Online casinos are known to provide amounts as high as £1000 on games for you to continue playing and winning. A promotion only defeats brick and mortar bonuses as gamblers are drawn to making more money in the first place.

Also, online casinos offer risk-free bonus features like free spins, no deposits, and wager-free free spins. With these, both old and new players are tilting more towards online casinos than brick and mortar.

Waiting Time

Brick and Mortar rely on staffs and equipment to keep things moving. You might need to go through many human checkpoints before you can cash in your bonuses and offers, but with online casinos, that's not a thing. After you've inputted your details, all transactions and payments are automatic and done in minimal time. This is unless it's been stated that you have to wait a certain period before you claim your cash.


The whole world knows Vegas as the gambling capital where you can win so much money and have a good time. But with online casinos, you could be in your room having a good time and winning massively. You don't have to travel down anywhere before you win your thousands in dollars. And if it's in casino Uk, you don’t have to travel down anywhere to get your pounds. Just log in and out to cash out your bonuses and without the expenses of travelling anywhere. Check out games like rainbow riches from leovegas gaming for ultimate brick and mortar gaming experience and even better.

Common No Deposit Casino Games

There are lots of casinos that offer no deposit bonus with which you can play their games. However, the most common ones include:

Book Of Dead

Probably the most popular Egypt-themed video slot of the decade. The ancient Egypt-themed game is available to play in almost every casinos and comes with 9 paylines. There are general features like the wild and scatters to play with in this game, and there are special features like free spins, expanding wild and gamble features. The no deposit bonus applies to it in many casinos but make sure to check the terms and conditions.

Cops and Robbers

This is a very simple slot developed by pay n go online casino software developers. The slot comes with five reels and 9 paylines and is a cops vs robbers themed game. You stand a chance to win up to 14,480x your stake. Enjoy Cops and Robbers slot with revamped graphics using the no deposit bonus in online casinos but watch out for requirements.

Fluffy Favourites

Another common slot developed by Eyecon gaming. Fluffy Favourites game gives a maximum of 5,000x your stake and you can enjoy your wins with the flawless graphics, and interesting sound effects. It features wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers, pick me bonus and gamble feature. 

Break Da Bank Again

Another common no deposit lost based on a heist. Break da Bank Again slot comes with five reels, three rows and 9 paylines. It features symbols like gold coins, cash, gems and playing cards. You can win up to 166x your stake, and there are free spins to be won with the vault as scatter. Enjoy this game too at Barbados bingo.

Rainbow Riches

A very common no deposit game in casinos online. The game is powered by Barcrest, and it features 5 reels and 20 paylines. Rainbow Riches is an Irish-themed game with lots of leprechauns and pots of gold. There are also exciting bonus features in the game, and you can have a top payout of 500x. Do check out the wagering requirements of the game and the validity on bonuses.

Wagering Requirements That Apply

If you decide to play games with any of the bonuses offered, there’s a big chance that there will be wagering requirements you need to meet before you can withdraw your bonus. A wagering requirement is the total amount of times you need to bet the bonus before it becomes the real money you can withdraw into your account. Casinos are in the business of making money, and giving out money through bonus features isn’t good for business.

There is a possibility you beat the wagering requirements and be able to cash out your winnings. But it depends on how high or low the wagering requirement is. If it's too high, it's best to avoid the bonus altogether. A number of things affect wagering requirements, including the total number of bets, expiry date, and slots they apply.

To illustrate what wagering requirement is and how to beat it, an instance would be a casino offering up to £30 in bonus and gives you a 10x wager to claim it. This means that you have to stake a total bet of £300 to cash out that bonus. This is calculated by the wager number multiplied by the bonus offered. You don't have to spend all £300 at once, but for all games, you play, when the total stake reaches £300, you can cash out on that bonus.

For most people, this might be a good deal if they don't see themselves losing; it might not be worth the risk for others. Casinos can set wagering requirement to as high as 50x, which might be considered too high. So, to claim a bonus, you need to ask yourself if it's worth of and if you won't be losing at the end. No casino would wish to be at a loss, so it's up to you to decide. Some casinos call wagering requirements other names like rollover requirements and Playthrough requirements. Both terms, however, are still describing the same thing.

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