Gifts of Ostara

A slot based on a Pagan festival, what’s not to love?

Welcome to the Gifts of Ostara, a 5 reel by 20 pay-line slot from developers Iron Dog Studios, a slot based on the Pagan festival that marks the spring equinox. Festival themed slots will always be interesting to us, as even if you aren’t fully clued up on a certain festival, you can learn about it via playing an online slot that goes over the basic information while also making you some money on the side. We had no clue about this festival before playing this slot, but now have somewhat of an understanding which is great!

About the Developer

Iron Dog studios is a developer who have time and time again shown how easy it is to make hit casino online bingo games almost instantly. Iron Dog have managed to crave themselves out a corner in the online gaming market, creating slots that resemble their image and their image alone, which is something that not a lot of devs do as they will more often than not just copy what is popping at that point in time. Trust in Iron Dog and they will never let you down, that’s what we have learnt from these guys. We can’t emphasise enough how fun their slots are. Play them out for yourself and revel in the fun, we have, time and time again.

gifts of ostara online casino game

About the Game

First thing we should tell you about this slot is that it is incredibly bright, emoting a really heartfelt experience. We understand that this might not to be the liking of everyone, but that shouldn’t deter them from playing; this is a very simplistic slot to grasp, one that is full of twists and turns depending on how you happen to be playing. Now, let’s get into some of the additional features you should expect to see:

  • Golden Eggs: Random golden eggs can be found on these reels, and when matched will crack, revealing an additional feature or symbol that you can then implement at random.
  • Sticky Wilds: Certain wilds in this one will react a little differently from what you might normally expect. Sticky wilds work in the same way that regular wilds do, the only difference is that you get the chance to match it again if you don’t get it the first time as it is sticky, meaning it is temporarily locked in place.

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casino game online gifts of ostara

The Verdict

Gifts of Ostara is a great slot to play for players everywhere who are looking to brighten their day a little. There is just something so freeing about this slot, it makes everything you see on the reels so rewarding and so visually stimulating. If you are in the market for a new favourite online slot, then this is the one for you, trust us on this one!

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