Single Deck Blackjack Pro

Sometimes, you want to feel what it's like to be at the seat of a table game, where you see the dealer handle your cards, or spin the roulette wheel to see which number the ball would land on.

Even though NetEnt are more renowned for developing and releasing video slot games, they also have an impressive collection of online table games that you can access through your laptop, smartphone, or table, such as Single Deck Blackjack Pro. If you don't know anything about Blackjack, it's all a game of luck, which can make a few players weary on the fact that there is a good chance that they would lose, as well as a chance that they would win.

But unlike most of the other table games, like Poker, there is a certain skill set that you need to obtain to boost those chances of winning. And with NetEnt's highest RTP to date which lands at over 99%, you can be sure that the chances of you losing a minimal!

About The Developer

Net Entertainment, who are mainly referred to as NetEnt, are one of the most favourited and esteemed online casino gaming developers in the industry. They never falter in presenting an element of surprise that leaves all of their fans and players in awe.

Some of their other games like Tornado Farm Escape, Gonzo's Quest, and Lucky Angler had players turning on their devices and play them repeatedly. Well, NetEnt is well-known for retaining gamers after all! Overall, you will find yourself returning home from work, and loading up Single Deck Blackjack Pro to win against the dealer time and time again!

About The Game

Playing this online table game is much simpler than you think. You'll only be playing against the dealer, and you both will have 2 cards at hand.

If 1 of your 2 cards has a blackjack, you'll automatically win and the game will end. If neither of you have a blackjack, the game will continue to run until you reach over 21 points, where you will lose.

There are a couple of different hands that you'll have to watch out for. A soft hand is a hand with an Ace that can be counted a either 1 or 11 without busting. A hard hand is a hand without an Ace, or an Ace that only has the value of 1.

If the dealer exceeds 21 points, you'll win the game. If neither of you get busted, the total number of cards will show the winner that has the 1 closest to 21 point.s

The Verdict

Because of the many card sets that you can hold on Single Deck Blackjack Pro, it can make it a bit daunting for you to know which set you'd need to beat the dealer and obtain the winnings that you've had your eyes on. Nevertheless, the rules are pretty simple: get your hand closest to 21 as you can.

Are you feeling like you're up to the challenge of playing one of the world's most renowned table games? Make sure that you have enough time to load up Single Deck Blackjack Pro and play now! If you enjoyed Single Deck Blackjack Pro why not try