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What Are Bingo Jackpots? Bingo Jackpots Explained

The online Bingo community grows larger daily. One of the main reasons for this growth? Bingo Jackpots! Bingo Jackpots have existed since the 1980s. Today, they offer players the chance to potentially win lucrative prizes online. 

Whether you play Bingo in a hall full of people or play Bingo online, the types of Jackpots available vary greatly. Fixed Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots, Escalator Jackpots, and the Community Jackpot - you have a chance to potentially win them all at reputable sites such as Barbados Bingo. So let's learn more about these different types of Jackpots so that you can embark on your online Bingo journey! 

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The 'Fixed' Bingo Jackpot

Let's start by talking about the Fixed Bingo Jackpot. This Jackpot is always up for grabs no matter how many times it has been won. It's a predefined amount that doesn't change regardless of the number of players, ticket prices, or time and place at which the game will take place. 

In a Fixed Bingo Jackpot, the winning amount is equally divided between the winners. This type of Jackpot is the most common one, and in almost all cases, the players will know the Jackpot amount before they have signed up. 

For example, a ticket costs £0.10 for a game that starts in 1 minute. Eighteen players have signed up for this game, and the Fixed Bingo Jackpot is set at £500. Now everyone knows that the maximum prize they can win is £500, this won't change. 

The main advantage of Fixed Bingo Jackpots is that players won't get confused as the Jackpot amount always remains the same. Hence, it's clear and straightforward. 

The 'Progressive' Bingo Jackpot

Next, we have the Progressive Bingo Jackpot. These Jackpots can be a considerable sum, and the Jackpot amount depends on the ticket sales. Every time a ticket is bought, a percentage of the amount paid is added to the Progressive Bingo Jackpot. 

However, once this Jackpot is won, the amount is reset. The Progressive Bingo Jackpot has been growing in popularity, and today, many players search for games that include Progressive Jackpots. This type of Jackpot is likely to be affected by factors such as the number of players, ticket prices, and the length of time since the Jackpot was last won.

Players must complete their Bingo Cards within a pre-set number of calls to potentially win a progressive Bingo Jackpot. For instance, in a 90-ball game, you may need to complete your Bingo card in under 32 calls to win the Progressive Bingo Jackpot. 

The benefits of Progressive Bingo Jackpots are that the prizes are potentially huge, and players may stay interested as the Jackpot amount can keep increasing. Players searching for Progressive Bingo Jackpots will be excited to know that they can find bingo games with such Jackpots right here at Barbados Bingo. 

The 'Escalator' Bingo Jackpot

The Escalator Bingo Jackpot is a newer type of Jackpot, different from the preexisting Fixed and Progressive Bingo Jackpots. It provides players with a new way of possibly winning prizes as the number of calls the Escalator Bingo Jackpot is claimed on keeps increasing if the Jackpot is not won.

Escalator Bingo Jackpots are spread across a game or room over a specific time. An example of an Escalator Bingo Jackpot is when a total prize of £5,000 is set. Games are played on Mondays from 6 pm -11 pm. The ball is set to rise by 2 on the hour every hour, or until someone can win. If the prize is not won, the prize rolls over to the following Monday's pot. 

Some online bingo sites offer a 50/50 split in Escalator Bingo Jackpots. 50% is given to the winner, and 50% is shared with every participant. This isn't always the case, but it's information worth knowing! The biggest advantage of Escalator Bingo Jackpots is that they can offer potentially huge prizes. Plus, the excitement may be uncontainable for players because of the slowly rising number count! 

The 'Community' Bingo Jackpot

Known as an alternative to the Progressive Bingo Jackpot, the Community Bingo Jackpot distributes the prize amount among the winner and the players. A certain percentage is potentially paid out directly to the players who win the Jackpot, and the remaining amount is distributed amongst all players who bought tickets. 

The Community Bingo Jackpots reward all participating players; hence it's trendy in the online Bingo circle. The split percentage between players is known to vary and can be 50/50, 80/20, 60/40, etc. This type of Jackpot is commonly found on online bingo sites, such as Barbados Bingo. 

In short, the Community Bingo Jackpot revolves around the principle of dividing the prize amongst all the players. The benefit of Community Bingo Jackpots is that all players can potentially win something and an element of surprise exists since you don't know how many players there are. So, you could potentially even win large sums! 

Players new to Bingo will probably benefit from a Community Bingo Jackpot setup; otherwise, we highly recommend giving the Progressive Bingo Jackpot games at Barbados Bingo a go! The chance to potentially win big prizes is there for the taking, so why wait? 

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