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Is Bingo Gambling?

Is Bingo Gambling?

Did you know that Bingo was previously known as ‘Housey-Housey’ in the UK? This game of probability in which numbers are called randomly by a ‘caller’ was first introduced in the 16th century. Since then, the game has evolved and turned into one of the most popular casino games worldwide! 

The objective of Bingo? Be the first person to mark off all your numbers! Today, Bingo is a game almost everyone knows about. However, not everyone is sure if Bingo is gambling or not. That’s the topic we’re going to address today so let’s find out, is Bingo gambling or not? 

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Is Bingo Considered Gambling? 

Quick answer - Yes, Bingo is a traditional form of gambling. It has improved in recent years, and today it’s recognised in the Gambling Act of 2005. The Gambling Act of 2005 recognises all versions of the Bingo game, regardless of the name being used to describe it. 

Organisations can legally hold Bingo events as Bingo is legal in the UK. Of course, certain rules have to be followed, but otherwise, Bingo is a legal form of gambling in the UK.

How old do you have to be to play Bingo? 

The minimum age required to play a Bingo game in Bingo clubs or online casinos is 18. Under-18 folks are allowed to enter Bingo halls but aren’t allowed to participate in the games. If you’re playing mobile Bingo online, all UKGC-regulated online casinos will confirm that you are above 18 before letting you play.

If they do not confirm this, the website is not UKGC-regulated, and you should exit it immediately! Hence, anyone under 18 will be protected from gambling in the UK until they are of legal age. 

However, if it’s a private Bingo night and certain rules are followed, then under-18s may be allowed to participate. 

Do You Need a Licence to Run a Bingo Night? 

Bingo halls and online Bingo sites require licences but are these necessary if you’re looking to run a Bingo night? The quick answer is no. You don’t need an official licence to run a Bingo night. However, you have to make sure to follow some rules!

As long as you follow the rules mentioned below, you should have no trouble running your Bingo night without a licence:

  • The entry charge for each player for anything related to the game should be a maximum of £8. This fee includes the fee for entry and stakes however does not include the food and drink cost for players. 
  • The total prize value of the Bingo night should be below £600 in total. If your Bingo night takes place over multiple days, the prize can be raised to £900. 
  • The proceeds raised through this Bingo night must not be used for private gain and must be given to a specified good cause (after cost deduction). Before the game begins, the good cause the proceeds will go to must be told to all players. 
  • The prizes of the Bingo night must not depend on the number of people playing. These prizes should be advertised beforehand, so all players who want to play know about them. 
  • Since this is a private Bingo night, under-18s are allowed to participate (provided the above rules are met). 

Following these rules will ensure that your Bingo night runs smoothly and faces no trouble of any legal action. 

Is Running Bingo on Facebook Illegal? 

Several Bingo groups have started popping up on Facebook in recent times, and some of these have faced legal action. Facebook has a strict policy regarding gambling online. 

This policy states that promoting online gaming and gambling where anything of monetary value is used/forms part of the prize is only allowed with prior written permission from Facebook. This includes online casino games such as Bingo. 

Authorised groups must follow all applicable laws (such as targeting their ads according to the legal requirements).

How to Play Bingo Online (For Money) 

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these games are subject to change at any time.