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What Is Slingo & How Do You Play It?

What Is Slingo & How Do You Play It?

There's a new player in town when it comes to bingo casino games, and it's Slingo! Slingo represents the dawn of a new era as it's the combination of the two most enjoyed casino games - Bingo and slots. 

Slingo originated in 1994 and was created by Sal Falciglia Sr., who later founded the company Slingo Inc. to create games based on the Slingo theme. However, this game became more popular in 2016 once it got sold to a London-based gaming company known as Gaming Realms. 

Today, you can find various Slingo games available online. Many have dubbed it the perfect fusion between Bingo and slots! Keep reading to learn more about Slingo and everything to do with it. If you're interested in giving Slingo a try, try it out at Barbados Bingo! 

What is Slingo?

Popularly known as the mixture between Bingo and a traditional slot, Slingo is a game where you will see a 5x5 Bingo ticket with a slot reel underneath it. This is where the balls will drop, and matching numbers will be marked off your bingo ticket. Slingo offers variations that can be based on some of your favourite slot titles, adding a further twist yet! 

The objective of Slingo is to spin the slots and see if any of the numbers that show up match the ones on your bingo card. Some special symbols may appear whilst you do this, including:

  • Joker

The Joker lets you select the number of your choice on the grid. It could be extremely helpful in forming lines. 

  • Gold coin

Gold coins bring instant cash prizes. 

  • Super Joker

A Super Joker gives you the ability to cut off any number of your choice from the grid. 

  • Spins 

A Spin icon will give you 1 extra turn on the slot reel to spin. 

  • Devil

The Devil is a symbol you must watch out for as he stops numbers from being revealed.

  • 3 or More Jokers/Super Jokers

Three or more Jokers/Super Jokers can bring you an instant cash prize. 

These symbols can help you potentially win special prizes. A limited number of spins are given to players within a time limit. 

To win in Slingo, you need to have the highest points. There will be a predefined score in solo Slingo that you have to beat. You compete against other players in multiplayer versions to see who scores the most. Points are awarded for actions such as marking numbers off your card or getting certain symbols such as the Joker or Gold coin.

What's the Difference Between Bingo and Slingo? 

Bingo has been around for centuries, whereas Slingo was developed as recently as 1994. Slingo may be a cross between online bingo games and slots however, a few key differences exist between Bingo and Slingo that you should know about. They are as follows:

  • In Bingo, a caller tells you the number, whereas, in Slingo, the numbers appear on the reels underneath your card.
  • Slingo includes some popular slot symbols, whereas traditional Bingo only has numbers on the cards. 
  • Slingo provides the option of being a single-player game or a multiplayer game. Bingo is only playable with other players. 
  • Unlike Bingo, Slingo variations may offer special features such as powerups, multipliers, and even spins to potentially increase your score.

Can You Win Money on Slingo? 

Simply put, yes, you can potentially win money on Slingo as long as you play it on a reputable website such as Barbados Bingo. To do this, you have to make as many lines as possible. The greater the number of lines, the higher your payout will be! 

Each Slingo variation can have slightly different prizes as some of the variations include special features from certain world-renowned slots. Either way, scoring a high number of points rapidly is the aim in this cross between Bingo and slots! 

Is Slingo Better than Bingo? 

There's one question on everyone's lips - Is Slingo better than Bingo? After all, it offers more than your traditional Bingo games and has almost equally incredible potential payouts. So, which game is the best option? 

Well, it's one of those 'to each their own' situations as both games are incredible in their own way. Bingo may be more popular as it has been alluring to people since the mid-1500s. Hence, the Bingo community is huge, with an estimated 3.5 million players in the UK!

On the other hand, Slingo is one of the most recent creations in the online casino industry. In just a short time Slingo has won over countless hearts as it continues to evolve and turn into one of the most played games in the iGaming sphere. 

So, to conclude, both games offer thrill and excitement to players with the chance of potentially making a nice sum. Since they are similar, you should certainly give Slingo a try if you enjoy Bingo. Where better to do that than at Barbados Bingo? We have a well-curated selection of games that range from those that are cheap and cheerful to those huge potential jackpots. So, visit us and start your Slingo journey right away!