Wicked Tales: Dark Red

An interesting take on the fairytale genre that we think you will enjoy!

You’ve heard of Hansel and Gretel, the gingerbread man, Snow White and Goldilocks, but you’ve never seen them quite like this, courtesy of online slot from developer Microgaming, titled: Wicked Tales Dark Red. This is a 5 reel by 25 pay-line sort of game, one that is rather simplistic to pick up if you are someone who is new to this industry and are simply scoping out which games are worth playing. Wicked Tales: Dark Red is a highly enjoyable online slot that has established a cult following in such a short time frame. There is quite a lot to get into, so be sure to read the rest of our review in order to find out more! Or click the link to find out more about bingo UK.

wicked tales dark red casino

About the Developer

Developer Micrograming are up there with some of the most popular online slot providers going today, and that isn’t through a lack of trying. These guys have spent years honing their craft to offer players of all ages something to be excited about. Their slots are heavily featured on the front pages of casino sites everywhere, which should give you an idea on how good they are at what they do. Prioritising player experiences is the Microgaming guarantee, and is the reason why we will always flock to their games with no questions asked.  

wicked tales dark red casino slots

About the Game

Visually, this slot is stunning to look at, using the same visual style that you’d find in some of the most HD looking slots going today. A 2D slot that moves like real life on certain occasions when the reels are spinning. The developers really went for a realistic portrayal here, and it’s proven to be quite the decision as we can’t remember any other fairytale slot looking as good as this one. As far as features go, here is what you should expect:

  • Wolf Wheel Bonus: Activated whenever 3 moon scatters are found on the reels, this bonus will guarantee to trigger another feature of some kind. You will also spin a wheel where you will win instant cash prizes where you can win up to 20x your stake.
  • Forest of Fortunes Feature: This one works a little differently, essentially you make picks here in order to win cash prizes, after each pick the multiplier will increase by 1, with the player being tasked to find all 10 cash prizes before the buzzer. If you find all 10 you will have a 10x multiplier applied to your game.

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wicked tales dark red casino game online

The Verdict

If you are someone who actively pursues slots that do something a little differently, then this should be your go-to slot from now on. Wicked Tales: Dark Red is the sort of bedtime story that you only tell to adults, simply because of how realistic it is and how much money you will be earning with each and every spin guaranteed. Play this slot today!

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