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There are so many options of casino websites and casino brands for players within the UK. This is a great news for bingo no deposit fans, but it can also make it quite hard for you to find the best website to spend your time and money on.

One of the most popular bingo games at the moment is Bingo Millions. This is a new bingo game that has an incredible jackpot of more than £1.5 million, so it is clear to see why it is such a popular title! There are various versions of the Bingo Millions and it can be accessed from multiple casino websites.

If you are looking to find a new real money gambling game to play in the UK and be in with a chance of winning an incredible jackpot, then you should consider playing at BarbadosBingo as it hosts Bingo Millions.

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What Is Bingo Millions?

Bingo Millions is currently one of the most popular games within the UK at the moment. This is a great online game that can be found on so many different online casinos, as of February 2020. It offers players the chance to win an incredible jackpot of £1.5 million, making it one of the biggest paying games out there.

Bingo Millions is a popular title that is developed by Mutuel Play and was first introduced online in April 2019.

This title was first launched on Buzz Bingo, but as of February 2020 it can now be found on various other sites including BarbadosBingo.

Due to the initial popularity of the first Bingo Millions release, there are now several variants available. The first Bingo Millions was a traditional 90 ball game, which was originally available to play twice a week on Buzz Bingo.

Following the success of this launch, other versions of Bingo Millions were launched including an instant win 90-ball version, two 80 ball games, and two 75 ball games. All of these versions of Bingo Millions are available at Buzz Bingo.

Meanwhile, the 90 ball version of this game is currently available at various other websites including Barbadosbingo and we can expect to see on more websites throughout 2020.

The main attraction to this game is the fact that it has a huge progressive jackpot that is attached to the twice weekly versions of Bingo Million. This jackpot is currently set at £1.5 million and the instant version of this game has a maximum jackpot of £1 million.

How To Play Bingo Millions

How to play bingo millions with being the most popular versions of this game available at the moment and it can be accessed on various different websites.

Bingo Millions is an incredible game that has a lot to be enjoyed, including the huge progressive jackpot of more than £1 million. In order to help you determine whether this actually is a good thing for you to play, although we can't see why it won't be, we are going to take a deep dive into the terms of this title.

This game is a 75 ball title that was exclusive to Buzz Bingo but can now be found at various other websites, including Barbadosbingo. This is one of the latest additions to the Buzz Group as it now joins the 90 ball version as well as the 90 ball instant version, both of which have proven to be very popular.

The 75 ball version of this title is only played twice a week at 10pm on Buzz Bingo. It can be accessed on Sunday and Thursday night for your chance of winning the huge progressive jackpot.

The stakes are quite low in this game as game tickets can be purchased for 50p, with strips of jackpot tickets being available to purchase also. By buying a strip of tickets you are increasing your chances of matching all of the numbers that the machine calls out.

Prizes are given for lines as well as a full house in this game, although terms and conditions apply. The odds of your getting a prize increase the more tickets you buy and how often you play, although please play responsibly.

It is possible for a player to purchase game tickets for Bingo Millions up to 8 weeks in advance to the event, but please check the details at any opportunity with the website operator, as this may change due to ongoing promotions.

Strips of tickets will cost £2.50 each and consist of 5 cards. There is a limit on the maximum number of cards that can be purchased in one game and this is 60. For example, someone can buy 60 tickets for cash for one of the draws of this round but they are not allowed to use anymore.

A Game Like No Other

This title is unlike any other you may have played as it does not end when someone gets full house. In a traditional casino game like this, the numbers will stop being called out but in Bingo Millions 60 bingo calls will be made no matter what happens.

Players who get 1 to 4 lines or the full house within a certain number of calls will get a fixed prize based on what their ticket looks like.

In order to win the biggest progressive jackpot of this game, you need to reach full house which is something you can expect to see in every game like it. However, the difference with Bingo Millions is the fact that a full house needs to be called within 25 to 35 calls.

In a 90 ball round, this is quite difficult to get to but it happens more often than you'd think in the latest 75 ball versions.

Overall, this game is one of chance and it can be incredibly fun for various people.

Even though the stakes seem low at 50p per ticket, it is important that you remain responsible when playing. This means ensuring that you are not staking more than you can afford and are getting regular breaks from the casino website.

There are various places out there that can provide support with gambling to those who need it and we will be addressing this in detail later on in the article, so please take note to these terms.

About Barbados Bingo

Barbadosbingo is such a great website for players within the UK. It was created by Fortuna Gaming, which is a UK based i-gaming developer which was established in 2017. Barbadosbingo is one of their biggest launches and it was released in 2018.

This makes it quite a new casino website in this industry, which is great news for players as it means that Barbados Bingo will feature some of the latest and therefore best technology available in the gaming industry.

Even though Barbados Bingo hasn't been in the industry for that long, when compared to giants like Buzz Bingo, it has still seen a lot of success. It has an increasing number of sister sites which have been released on other Jumpman Gaming bingo and casino networks, including Slot Baby, Thor Slots, and Wizard Slots.

Barbadosbingo is a great website for players in the UK due to the fact they include both games, like Bingo Millions, and slot games to ensure there is something for everyone.

This website has a unique and attractive theme that features a panoramic view of the Caribbean, which will transport you to a tropical location from the comfort of your own home. Playing at this website on your desktop or laptop will give you the best experience of this tropical location, but it can also be accessed from various devices.

The Barbadosbingo game lobby is vast, with various game rooms and gaming types to choose from including some of the most popular titles.

Barbados Bingo Bonus

One of the best things about playing this type of game online is the fact that there are bonuses available to new customers.

Barbadosbingo has a great welcome package of bonuses available to new players at this website, which can work as an incentive to get you to sign up to this bingo site. This bingo bonus will be awarded after the first minimum deposit of 10 has been made into your account.

Once this 10 deposit has been made to your Barbados Bingo account, new players will be awarded a free spin on the Mega Wheel bonus game. This is a great and generous bonus game that can provide some brilliant prizes based on where the counter points after you have spun the wheel.

Based on where this counter comes to rest during the Mega Wheel bonus game, you can be in with a chance of winning prizes such as Amazon voucher or a generous gamin bonus worth hundreds of free spins.

It is important that customers are aware that the rights reserved to Barbadosbingo. Terms and cs apply to this bonus offer, including the fact that this is a bonus for UK customers playing.

Free spins can be values at 25p spins, based on the games available. Min deposit spend required, withdrawal on winnings can be limited.

Consider terms and cs apply before using bingo bonus, as this will inform you of the wagering requirements, withdrawal limits as well as any deadlines that may be in place for the bingo bonus 10 x.

Is Barbados Bingo Secure?

Barbados Bingo is a registered casino website, like those that are operated by Buzz Group. This website is licensed and regulated by the gambling commission for UK which ensures that they are operating in a fair and secure manner.

The UK Gambling Commissioner will keep the site safe and provide support to players who need it. The Gambling Commission for UK customers ensures that the website is working properly and operates fairly as a money gambling site, as well as being connected to support networks like

This brand is dedicated to providing the best experience here possible. They use cookies terms, not the tasty crumbly kind, the techy ones. These cookies settings provide a personalised experience to customers and you can always change what cookies they continue to use when playing.

You must be 18 years or older to access this website and it is a very secure one to spend your time and money on. It has a privacy policy age verification process that needs to be accepted before you can enter the bingo, slots and other joys at Barbados Bingo.

If you require support, please contact gamble aware who are a governing body that can provide the help you need. When playing at this gambling site, please gamble responsibly.

Where Else To Play Bingo Millions?

As well as being able to access this title from Barbados Bingo, Buzz Bingo is the next best option for players.

Bingo Millions was first launched on Buzz Bingo and all the variants of this title can be accessed here. I want you to consider playing at this website due to the bingo bonus that is available for new players at this website.

For new players within the UK accessing Buzz Bingo for the first time, there is a great gaming bonus available.

This bingo bonus is exclusive to Buzz Bingo, so you need to check out this website first. This bingo bonus will be awarded after the first deposit of a min £5 has been made to your new account. Once you have deposit and spend 5, you will be given £15 bonus for online bingo, as well as bingo bonus 10 bonus spins for the Voice UK: I Want You slot game.

It is important to note that terms and cs apply to this gaming bonus. Stakes on Bingo Millions do not contribute towards bingo bonus 10x free spins on the Voice UK I Want You slots.

The 10 retail bingo bonus awarded is a retail 10 main session only club vouchers that can be used in towards bonus retail main sessions. This can be used in Buzz Group halls across the UK based on your location.

The Voice UK: I want You slots is one of the most popular slots and you will be awarded 10 x 25p spins. These 10 x 25p spins bonus is non withdrawable. Winnings t cs apply, 1st depositors only bonus,

The Voice UK: I Want You stakes bonus 10 x 25p, posted if opted in 1st depositors during registration process.

Other terms and cs apply, including the fact that bingo bonus 10 is valid from February 2020. Bonus spins on the Voice UK I Want You only, online 10 free spins. Players have 14 days from date of issue to spend 10 and use bonus spins

Minimum 5 deposit must be staked and wagers in order to win free spins on the Voice UK slots. Winnings from free spins on The Voice UK slots 5 min withdrawal on winnings. Non withdrawable 5 min winnings on free spins terms.

Rights reserved to Buzz Bingo, always consider the terms given.

Why Play Bingo Online?

There are a lot of options for players in the UK when it comes to bingo websites, with the best being Barbados Bingo and Buzz Bingo.

It is likely that you have already heard of Buzz Bingo as they are an iconic bingo brand within the UK. As well as having a great online website with a range of bingo, Buzz Bingo also has brick and motor bingo halls across the UK which is why they also offer a retail bingo bonus 10 to new players.

Barbados Bingo is another popular brand of bingo within the UK, although they do not currently have any brick and motor casinos. Instead, Barbados Bingo have a larger online casino due to the fact they host a range of slots as well as bingo games, and the regular Bingo Millions game.

There are so many casino websites and gambling brands available in the UK so it can be quite hard to determine which is going to be the best for your time and money. We can recommend Barbados Bingo due to their quality and great range of titles.

It is always a good idea to go with a reputable and renowned brand when playing bingo online, which is why Barbados Bingo is such a good option.

A great thing about this website is the fact that Barbados Bingo is fully committed to supporting responsible gambling. Barbados Bingo is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This is a governing body that ensures that bingo brands are operating in a fair and secure manner for customers.

Both and Buzz Bingo group limited's registered office, which is limited all rights reserved to trademarks of Buzz Bingo, are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, supporting responsible gambling underage gambling is an offence and these registered trademarks and logs are registered to operate legally.

How To Gamble Responsibly

Playing games, casino live, clubs and gaming titles can be a very fun way to past the time but it can also come with some risks too.

It is important that when playing online you apply 18 begambleaware advice to keep yourself secure and safe when participating in real money gambling.

There are some things you can do to keep yourself safe when playing online at a site safe, make sure everything is working properly and you are playing responsibly.

It is possible to play responsibly and only bet what you can afford. This can seem difficult when playing free bingo, due to the bingo bonus games and offers that are available. Many sites claim that if you spend so much on bingo, get 30 bonus or if you deposit spend 10 on bingo get free spins or a games bonus casino offer.

When playing at a money gambling site please play responsibly. There is addiction help and support available at the two websites we have mentioned, as well as through professional outlets like apply 18, terms apply.

Bringing bingo to your home can be a fun experience, but it can be more than you can afford for gambling addiction as the temptation is always there.

If you are struggling with responsible gambling and cannot help yourself at the moment, then you can contact be gamble aware on 0808 8020 133 or visit, Barbadosbingo or other gambling addition help locations for further advice. Please note these use cookies, see full terms before accessing.

Can I Play At Online Casinos?

If you are age 18 or over and have some spare time and money, then playing online can be a very fun experience.

It is important to note that terms apply to all areas of online casinos, including terms for the gaming bonuses that are awarded; terms for the games that can be accessed; and terms required in order to play responsibly.

Bingo Millions is one of the best things you can play at the moment due to its incredible progressive jackpot of £1.5 million.

Heavy Weight is another amazing game available at Barbados!