Wild West Zone

Wild West Zone Review

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It is time to travel back to the old west and sling some guns. This ain’t no bingo game from Barbados Bingo. Wild West Zone is the most dangerous online slot game in the west and it is time to get down and dirty to win some cash.

Are you ready to take on some of the toughest cowboys around? Load your gun and get spinning when you play bingo and slots at Barbados Bingo.

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Leander Games - The Developers of Wild West Zone Slots

This online slot game is brought to us by great slot game creators Leander Games. They are a huge slot game developer and have led the charge in the industry for years. They are behind some genius slot games such as:

  • Mad Monsters
  • A pirates Quest
  • Aztec Blox
  • Moose Vamoose
  • Ways of the Labyrinth

This is quite a hefty catalogue of themed games. From simple moose based games (if there is such a thing) to the bombast of mad monsters, Leander Games have done it all. Well, except online games bingo but you only need to visit Barbados Bingo for some of that action.

With such a wealth of experience behind them, how does Wild West Zone stack up against some of their other game? Let’s find out.

Wild West Zone Slot Bonus

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About Wild West Zone

To really make you feel like you are in the west, the player is instantly greeted to an old western town background. Atop this are 5 reels chock full of cleverly chosen symbols. There are numbers from 1 to 10 and the letters A, J, Q and K that pay out minimally but more interestingly we have cowboy boots, guns, dynamite, alcohol and a sheriff’s badge. Match between 3 to 6 of these on a pay line to increase your multiplier.

Bet as little as 0.10 or as much as 20 to get going. Keep on going and your total winnings can climb up to 7,794x what you initially bet. With an RTP rate of 95% you are really in with a chance to win some serious money.

But that’s not all this slot game has. Wild West Zone has a number of interesting bonus features that need to be looked at.

Wild West Zone Slot Gameplay

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Bonuses & Extra Features in Wild West Zone Slot Game

The thing that makes Wild West zone stand out from its contemporaries is its dynamic ways feature. This adds even more ways for the player to win by changing how many symbols are live on a reel during a spin. If the symbols are live in what is outlined as the dynamic zone, then they will be live during the next spin. Reels will be added to form winning pay lines by matching these live symbols. All in all, it adds randomness and variety to proceedings.

Land a wild symbol in the dynamic zone without achieving a pay line and the game will reward you with a chance to re-spin this line. You will keep getting re-spins until you match a winning pay line. That means you sure to win something. There are no losers here.

Add to this mix the ability to land scatters in the dynamic zone and you have something special. Do this and the player can win up 8 free spins in the Canyon Heist Free spin bonus. This mode has 6 reels and you will need to match 5 to 7 symbols. Land more scatters and the player can win an additional 8 free spins.

Wild West Zone is a slot game that keeps on giving. Try this slot online or some bingo games at Barbados Bingo.

These features really put the emphasis on winning and make a nice change from the vanilla base game.

Our Verdict on Wild West Zone

Wild West Zone is an online slot game that does not stop until you have won something. If you can work the different levels of bonus features to your advantage, you are sure to win with this slot game.

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