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NetEnts brings you this smart interpretation of Punto Banco; the popular Latin variation of the better known card game Baccarat. Unlike some other card games, you don’t need to understand a long list of rules or have practiced skills, which is why Punto Banco has widespread appeal. This is a game of pure chance, and if your luck is in, it’s in!

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About the Game

In English ‘Punto Banco' means 'player banker’, and these are the two different hands you are faced with in the game, the hand of the player, in this case, your own, and the hand of the banker. There are six standard decks of cards used.

When you start playing you decide if you want to stick with smaller maximum bets (low roller), medium bets (standard) or high bets (high roller).

You face a traditional green velvet table. To your top left the maximum bet is shown on a black board and directly in front of you are the chips. Marked in rows on the table are your betting options; tie, banco and punto. If you think that the player with have the winning hand, you bet punto. If you think the banker will have the winning hand, the bet goes on banco. Finally if you think the hands will be equal you put your bet on the tie. There are potential combinations of bets too, if you’re looking to cover more than one base.

The objective is for the value of a hand to add up to 9 points. The hand closest to this target is the winning hand. The value is calculated based on the following standards: numbered cards have the equivalent numerical point value, so a 2= 2 points, a 4= 4 points etc.. Jacks, Kings and Queens are worth 0, while Aces are worth 1 point. A hand exceeding the 9 points incurs an effective 10 point penalty, so a 2 card hand, one of 6 and the other of 4, adds up to 10 and is worth 0 points!

Once the bets are down, the game begins with 2 cards dealt for each hand. If the value of the 2 cards in the player’s hand, the punto hand, adds up to less than 5 points, another card is drawn. If the points value is 5 points or more, the hand is left as is.

If the points on the cards in the banker (banco) hand add up to between 0 and 3, another card is drawn regardless of the points on the punto hand. If the banco cards sum total is 4, and the punto cards total is between 2 and 7, another card is drawn in this scenario too. If the banco card is worth 5 points and the punto hand is between 4 and 7, again, a third card is added. If the banco cards points value is a total of 8 or 9, both hands are left as they are.

Once this process is complete according to these rules, the two hands are compared and the winner is revealed. If you have correctly backed the right outcome, you receive your winnings.

The Verdict

This version of Punto Banco is a great introduction to card games as it’s so easy to get started. The graphics are crisp and the gameplay is smooth as silk. You will feel as if you’re really in the casino waiting for those cards to be dealt.

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