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Table games are always popular attractions in casinos, but can lose some appeal in the equivalent online world. Fortunately NetEnts have the talents to make this version of the popular free bingo sites card game Texas Hold ‘em not only great to look at but fun to play. The dealer is waiting, so pull up your chair and place your bet.

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About the Developer

NetEnts are among the best known and most respected developers in the free bingo games online industry, a well established firm with more than 20 years experience behind them. They are responsible for more than 200 online casino games of all kinds and the list is growing. If you’re a big NetEnts fan (and who wouldn’t be?) you can try more of their excellent titles here:

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Texas Hold Em Pro Bonus

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About the Game

Texas hold ‘em is a take on Poker that’s been around since the early 1900s, first hitting Las Vegas in the 1960s. Up to 10 players can be involved in a game, but that can make the whole experience rather tedious as each contemplates their options and places their bets.

In this version of the game, the action is guaranteed to be much faster. There are only two players, you against the house.

You sit at a traditional green felt table and your cards are dealt from the top right corner. In the centre, towards the top of your screen, are the familiar chips with your possible minimum and maximum stakes displayed to the left of these. Underneath these are circles. On three of them are the following phrases, left to right: Call (Flop), Bet (Turn) and Bet (River). Beneath these another circle is marked ‘Ante’.

Move the chips onto the circle marked ‘ante’ to place your bet and begin the game with the green ‘deal’ button.

Two cards each, the ‘hole’ cards, will be dealt face down for you and for the dealer. You can see your own but not the dealers. Based on your cards you then make a decision, whether you will call or fold. If you fold the game is over and your stake is lost. If you call, your initial stake is doubled and three more cards are placed face up on the table. These three are the ‘flop’.

Now you need to start evaluating the cards you have and working out your chances. The best 5 card Poker hand is the winner. At this point you can either fold, losing your stake, or if you think you have good cards, you can choose to check or bet. If you check, you are deciding to stick with the cards that have been dealt to be compared with the dealers. If you bet, another wager equal to your original stake is placed.

A fourth card ‘the turn’ is now placed face up in the centre of the table. You undergo the same process as with the first three, fold, check or bet. Then you and the dealer compare your hands, and the highest poker hand is the winning one.

Texas Hold Em Pro Gameplay

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The Verdict

Whilst Texas Hold em Pro is never going to make you a millionaire (if you win you are paid at a simple 1:1 rate), the appeal lies mainly in the skill required to beat the dealer. This engaging version of the popular card game is a perfect training arena for developing your understanding of Poker rules or can be just a fun way to pass the time!

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