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Rude Bingo Calls

Rude Calls

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It is no doubt that bingo calls are primarily to spice up an online bingo room or land-based bingo hall. But what was intended initially might not always be the case. Some calls are regarded as insensitive even though funny. 

Bingo callers frequently substitute words or phrases for the actual numbers drawn, something called “bingo lingo.” For example, you might have noticed if you’ve ever played bingo in a UK bingo hall that the bingo caller makes some unusual pronouncements when calling out the winning numbers such as “Grandma’s getting frisky” or “Two fat ladies.”

Because of this, some bingo slots calls haven’t sat well with these crops of players.

That is because the audience you call matters a lot, considering different people play bingo. We will walk you through some of these rude bingo calls in the UK below so you can note them accordingly.

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Why are these calls rude?

Bingo is enjoyed by a varied category of players, who have different views and orientations about certain things. So, what is regarded as a bingo joke might be reawakening a sour part to some bingo players. As an advice, it would be better to read and study your co-audience before making some bingo calls.

Even so, players still use these bingo calls (phrases) in chat rooms, where they can socialise with like-minded players. Players in the United Kingdom are rushing online to participate in online bingo as it grows in popularity.

New players, however, may be confused and overwhelmed by the terminology used on these sites and by other players.

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Some rude bingo calls

In the bingo game, bingo calls or Bingo Lingo is a collection of rhyming slang phrases that refer to specific numbers. The following bingo calls are considered rude whether you play free bingo games online or in bingo halls. So let’s have a look below.

33 – Dirty Knee

People with coloured knee caps find this rude and disgusting when used in a bingo game. They see the call as a connotation that their knees are dirty or stained from constant toils, bleaching, or sickness.

44 - Droopy Drawers

This call appears offensive and rude to skinny female players, who believe it’s a way of shaming them.

88 – Two Fat Ladies

While it may sound funny, calling a lady fat can get the worst reaction you ever expected from her. So you might want to check before making that call. 

There are some basic bingo terms that most people are familiar with. Still, the terminology used in the online bingo community is slightly different from that used in a regular bingo game.

Making up funny words or phrases that would accompany each number was initially used to keep players’ attention. Bingo used to be played in a noisy, crowded bingo hall, so these terms would be perfect in maintaining bingo callers from repeating themselves too often.

Funny Bingo Calls

If you don’t know cockney rhyming slang and funny calls, don’t worry - we’re here to give you a complete list of basic bingo terms. Bingo calls are best communicated through bingo calls. When bingo was first introduced to the UK, bingo halls were the only places where you could play it.

The original bingo lingo was created to allow players to become more involved in the game and create a more enjoyable and energetic atmosphere. These phrases are a mix of rhyming words, funny tales, and history.

Usually, they contain short funny or inappropriate phrases that rhyme with a given number, For example, 30 with “Dirty Girty”. These funny bingo names and sayings help to create a playful ambience for bingo players.

They are also a great help with remembering which numbers were called.

Bingo Calls in The 21st Century

Let’s face it; when something has been around for a long time, it can get boring. Due to this, bingo callers constantly develop new bingo calls or terms. These are the most popular 21st-century bingo calls on the web:

  • Queen Bey - 73
  • Kylie’s Lips - 26
  • Down the pub - 18
  • Dinner with bae - 11
  • Tay Tay - 22
  • Cup of Herbal Tea - 3
  • Instagram pics - 84
  • Not another Brexit debate - 48

Types of Bingo Games

Many bingo sites offer multiple variants of the game, which is often confusing for newcomers. All varieties work similarly, with a calling phone announcing numbers and the players daubing those numbers on their cards. However, some games use more balls than others.

Below are some of the popular bingo games you can enjoy at Barbados Bingo. 

90 Ball – 90 Ball Bingo is often found in UK bingo halls and online bingo sites, where the tickets have nine columns and three rows. Each row contains five numbers with four blanks. You can win 90 ball bingo by getting one line, two lines, or a whole house.

75 Ball - There are five squares on each ticket in 75 Ball Bingo, which is more prevalent in the US than in the UK. In this kind of bingo play, there are many more possible winning combinations due to the shape of the card.

We at Barbados Bingo showcase the best bingo games available right now. Our games often come with a variety of bonuses. Furthermore, our site is safe, secure and compliant. 

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Bingo calls have been an enormous delight to players and a significant flex for professional bingo callers. For decades, these calls have been used to differentiate numbers and avoid the confusion that might otherwise arise from them. 

Hence, it wouldn’t be appropriate to misapply their importance or misdirect their value by provoking other players. But, of course, now that you know what bingo lingo means, you may be eager to implement it.

At Barbados Bingo, you would grab much more soothing bingo calls, with which you also play some bingo bonuses. Liked this article? Make sure also to check the funny bingo calls, too, then!

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