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Rude Bingo Calls

Rude Calls

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It is of no doubt that bingo calls are primarily to spice up an online bingo room, or land-based bingo hall. But what is originally intended might not always be the case as some calls are regarded as insensitive even though funny. In this regard, some bingo slots calls haven’t really sat well with these crops of players.

This is largely because the audience with whom you make calls matters a whole lot, considering different people play bingo. Barbados Bingo walks you through some of these rude bingo calls uk below so you can note them accordingly.

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Why are these calls rude?

Bingo is enjoyed by a varied category of players, who have different view and orientation about some things. So, what is regarded as a bingo joke might be reawakening a sour part of some players’ wounds. As advice, it would be better to read and study your co-audience before making some bingo calls.

Some rude bingo calls

The following bingo calls are considered rude whether you play free bingo games online or in bingo halls. Let’s have a look below.

4 – Teeth in a Whore

This call mostly doesn’t sit well with female bingo players as they see it as a way of shaming them. Particularly, some see the call as offensive to their feminine character. While some interpret it as indirectly calling them whores.

19 – Goodbye Teens

This call doesn’t go well with players who are exactly 18, as they see it as an affront to their age.

33 – Dirty Knee

People with colored knee caps find this rude and disgusting when used in a bingo game. They see the call as a connotation that their knees are dirty or stained from constant toils, bleaching, or sickness.

44 - Droopy Drawers

This call appears really offensive and rude to skinny female players, who believe it’s a way of shaming them.

44 – Ona All Fours

We don’t know what’s wrong with the number 44, but this particular call reeks of inappropriate sexual innuendos. The sexual image it creates in the minds of some players is considered rude by these players.  

56 – Was She Worth it?

While upon hearing this call most players usually echo “oh yeah”, the call comes off as insulting to some women. Some perceive the call as condescending and patronizing to women, especially with respect to sex. So, in place of this call an alternative – Shotts Bus – is mostly preferred in many bingo halls.

87 – Grandma’s Gone to Heaven

This call is rude and offensive for those who might have lost someone not-so-long before the call, not necessarily their grandma. People now prefer the alternative call Torquay in Devon.

88 – Two Fat Ladies

While it may sound funny, calling a lady fat can get the worst reaction you ever expected from her. So you might want to check before making that call.  


Bingo calls have been such a big delight to players, and a big flex for professional bingo callers. For decades, these calls have been used to differentiate numbers and avoid the confusion that might otherwise arise from them. Hence, it wouldn’t be appropriate to misapply their importance or misdirect their value by provoking other players.  

At Barbados Bingo, you would grab much more soothing bingo calls, with which you also play some bingo bonuses. Liked this article? Make sure to also check the funny bingo calls too then!