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A honeycomb slot that plays a little differently to what you might be used to in the form of a slot with online bingo offers.

If you consider yourself a fan of online slot gaming, then you will have no doubt heard of cluster slots before, well that’s essentially what Crystal Crush is, it’s an online slot where you must cluster symbols together in order of colour. This does mean that there isn’t really reels or pay-lines per say, but instead, you have one giant block that you play on-top-of! Crystal Crush is an online slot from developer Playson, who at this point could create any slot and have us interested, but it would be hard to avoid this one just based on the design and whatnot alone! Be sure to check out the rest of the written review below for some additional info!

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About the Developer

Playson is a Malta-based developer, one that has time and time again proven to be quite clever when it comes to putting together online slots that are played by hundreds if not thousands of individuals on a daily basis! If you play slots and free bingo games often enough, then the likelihood of you having played one of their games is pretty high, which is just a testament to the work that they’ve put in over the years! In Playson you can instil trust, which isn’t that easy to come by nowadays given the number of devs out there producing nothing but cash grab waffle. Here are but a few slots in their catalogue:

  • Fruits and Stars
  • Phoenix Fire
  • Claws Vs Paws
  • And many, many more!

Crystal Crush Slot Bonus

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About the Game

At first glance, this slot can be quite intimidating but once you have gotten a few spins under your belt, you’ll then find that things become second nature to you. Cluster slots are really good alternatives to some of your more basic reel and pay-line slots that can be found in other Playson titles. There are additional features littered around this slot, here are but a few of them:

  • Wild: Like in most slots, Crystal Crush is not without the wild symbols. These symbols still retain the substituting abilities that they have in most other online slots, only difference is it feels like matching wilds have more of an impact in the honeycomb!
  • Multiplier: Some of the symbols in this honeycomb have multipliers attached, this only spells big scores for you should you be able to find them!

Crystal Crush Slot Gameplay

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The Verdict

If you’ve never had the pleasure of checking out a honeycomb slot before, then we’d highly recommend you play Crystal Crush to see if this is something for you! Playson have done an incredible job in crafting something that will no doubt be played for many years to come!

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