Fiddle Dee Dough

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When looking at new slots to play we find that the best ones are those that try to do something a little wacky and different. You can tell straight away from the name of this slot alone that you’ll be experiencing something a little out of the ordinary. Fiddle Dee Dough is a slot that isn’t afraid to be as it wants to be. Not many games can say that they’ve been given a theme then stuck with it. There is always room for improvement in most aspects in life, although there is arguably none in this Eyecon developed title. Expect everything, deny nothing, when you play bingo online game like Fiddle Dee Dough, and say it is so (yes that was a rhyme).

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About the Developer

Not many online game devs can hold a candle to the acumen of a company like Eyecon. The quality of games they produce coupled with their overall mentality when it comes to user experiences separate them from the pack. Their games can leave you in a lull of excitement unlike anything ever experienced before, that’s just the kind of company they are. Brisbane Australia’s own signature game developer Eyecon is known not only for its deep-rooted passion for creating unforgettable online experiences but also ways in which to also push themselves forward within an industry that has thousands upon thousands of titles. Also, don't miss UK bingo promotions where you get to play their games!

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About the Game

This Irish based slot is one that is full of added details that only Irish people may understand. Ireland, as most people know, is the basis for a lot of online slots. The luck of the Irish is seen as a requirement more than a suggestion in many of these slots. Remember that these buzzwords are artificial and don’t really have that kind of effect on people. Those who have played any of these slots will know that to succeed in these slots, one must make their own luck. Suspension of disbelief is needed here for one to enjoy the well crafted slot that lies beneath. Expect four leaf clovers, pots of gold at the end of rainbows, and leprechauns to be featured as a symbol or just off in the background somewhere.

Fiddle Dee Dough is a 3 reel by 9 pay-line slot that is very basic to grasp. In-fact we managed to learn this game very simply by only spinning a handful of reels. There are many features at play here, so the players that utilise these features to the best of their ability will see the rewards just pour in. Keep in mind that the more you pay and play, the higher the chances of succeeding in your mission of winning big are. This is no doubt going to be a sure-fire favourite for those that enjoy fun gameplay. If that is you then heed our advice and play Fiddle Dee Dough.

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The Verdict

Fiddle Dee Dough, a game that isn’t slow. What was once tried and tested, is now one thats bested by the players own opinion in show….. That was an attempt at rhyming our verdict of this slot, we tried and failed unfortunately. Players who seek more out of their gaming experiences should play this slot. Why you ask? Well because it’s a great game graphically and designedly dummy duh (jokes). Looking for more bingo games? Visit Barbados Bingo today!

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