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There are hundreds if not thousands of superheroes out there presently, but maybe you’ve never heard of the superhero Gamma Girl. Her backstory and secret identity is so far unknown, but what does that matter when she is saving the world on day at a time. Forget Superman and Spiderman, get ready to find a new favourite superhero. This is an Eyecon developed slot, that is chocked full of different features that will unravel a story that was only meant to be uncovered from the Gamma Girl herself. There aren’t that many superhero themed slots out there that focus on an original character, which makes this a rather unique take on the superhero theme. Still questioning if this is the slot for you?

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About the Developer

Brisbane Australia developers Eyecon are known not only for their deep rooted passion for creating unforgettable bingo online experiences, but also the ways in which they push themselves forward within an industry that has thousands upon thousands of pre-existent titles. If you were to mention the name Eyecon what comes to mind immediately is iconic. The past titles by Eyecon have all proven to have different levels of success across the entire globe. A staple in the online gaming scene, responsible for so many thoroughbred titles. Play amazing games from Eyecon at

Gamma Girl Slot Bonus

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About the Game

Gamma Girl is yet another 5 reeled online UK slot game from the minds of Eyecon. The playful comic book style is very appealing on the eyes. So many of these slots tend to go for a graphic novel type of art style that features a rather depressive type of theme. This slot has a theme, a theme that plays out with every spin of the reels. The story follows your classic superhero caper, good vs evil, with the victor (being you) receiving the spoils.

This is a 25 pay-line slot that is full of various hidden bonus features that are unlocked through repeated plays on the reels themselves. To begin your adventure simply select your bet amount and start spinning. There are hundreds of ways to win which offers a different type of experience with every spin. Wilds, scatters and free spins will be your path to sure-fire victory here, especially if you are wanting to get the most out of this slot financially. An auto play mode is also featured here, simply select a certain amount of games and let them play off in the background until you say otherwise.

Gamma Girl Slot Gameplay

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The Verdict

Gamma Girl is one of those slots that makes you really question about playing another slot. The Gamma Girl certainly left an impression on us, so much so that we couldn't wait to sit down and write out this review for you to feast your eyes on. Keep your eyes peeled for those bonus features that will only help but push up your scores well past their original ceiling. This is a superhero themed slot done right, how often have you seen such a game break boundaries quite like this one. Do you want to try some amazing bingo games free we have?

Play Gamma Girl today and defy expectation. Another game we recommend is White Rabbit slot.