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What are Free Spins No Deposit?

As a new online casino player or someone new to the world of gambling, you'd certainly expect some promotion or bonuses to entice you to start using your money. Also, as an old-timer, you'd expect something to allure you to try out a new slot or other casino games. One of those many promotions or incentives is Free spins, no deposit.

This feature is how players, both old and new, get to try out games on an online casino without staking their money. It's a means to have first-hand knowledge of the game you're playing. How the buttons work and what they initiate to the much you stand to gain on any of your bets in a mini-game and a jackpot game. Free spins no deposit usually appear on casino sites as demo games and are open for everyone to play. It's like saying one trial will convince you.

Our new players get to enjoy a somewhat similar bonus at Barbados Bingo as we offer up to 500 free spins on stake but not Free spins without deposit. Our players get offered other bonuses, loyalties, monthly spins, and other rewards. Depending on the online casino, there are various terms and conditions you'd meet to claim their free spins, no deposit.

Most times, it's usually given to new players. All you need do is register with an online casino and get it. You'd be able to find this particular bonus in every online casino of some shape.

For the registration process that precedes this feature, you'd need to supply your details, which might include name, country, date of birth, telephone number, and email. Some might require you to link your bank details, but not all of them. You usually can't change the bet amount on the slot for free spins, no deposit because you stand a chance of winning actual money, and the online casino offering it wouldn't want to be at a loss. On the positive side, if you don’t get to win, you're not at a loss.

Recently in online casino UK, the term free spins were changed into extra spins or bonus for the sake of advertising restrictions. But it's still the same feature as the free spins no deposit. Although the name changed, the most common way to get the feature is to complete registration with an online casino. The bonus offered on no deposit bingo varies for slot games, some as low as 10 and some as high as 50. Some casinos offer wagering requirements on wins to be claimed on free spins no deposit wins.

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Are No Deposit Spins worth It?

The important question on online casino players’ minds and free bingo lovers: As you'd find in lots of online casinos that they don't require your money for the spins, it only begs the question, why are they offering you a chance to win money without investing anything? The answer to that is marketing. Casinos offer these free spins no deposit feature to attract customers and get their data for content offers. 

Content offers can include updates on what new games to try, what promotions are ongoing, and many other things related to the casino, as to whether this information the online casino might offer is worth your time; it depends on you, the player. Most times, the free spins no deposit feature might not offer more than £100 depending on the casino.

To some, this is worth a lot of their time, and to others, not so much. The free spins no deposits might also be a means to bigger on-going promotions to new players. So, regardless of whether you're there for just the money, you could be unto something bigger by taking the free spins no deposit. And if you still have a doubt, just remember that there's absolutely nothing to lose unless you're one of those who don’t fancy giving personal information on the internet.

There’s also the perspective of experiencing the thrill that comes with trying new slots and what it has to offer. As stated earlier, it's up to you to test everything that comes with the slot, and if you like it, you can play with your money. These points make it seem fair on the players' part that Free spins no deposit are worth it. Concerning your personal information, you get to give before being awarded the bonus, online casino sites usually ensure players that their data is kept safe and not shared with third parties.

Common Free Spins No Deposit Offers In 2020

There are many online casinos with free spins no deposit, and bingo games free, as little as 5 and as much as 50. Some of the free spins offered in the casinos come with bonus codes but are rare. A few of the online casinos games you should watch out for that offer free spins no deposit include the following:

  • Mermaid millions: A casino slot that's inspired by Disney's the little mermaid. The slot game comes with five reels, three rows and 15 fixed paylines. As you’d guess, the symbols employed all depict the lifestyle of the underwater world and features wilds and scatters. You can win from the wild and scatter symbols a massive $37500 or $30,000. From the base game alone, you can win up to $2500. RTP of the game is at 96.56% and of high volatility. You can win a lot from the special features with the free spins but make sure you watch for wagering requirements.
  • Immortal Romance: A vampire-themed game with a gothic atmosphere. This slot game is all about forbidden love where characters are in love with each other but must not be together. The suspense and thrill make for a worthy gaming experience and is no surprise it's on the list of common slots with free spins no deposit. Online casinos will award free spins depending on their capacity and how much they’re willing to give out. The 5-reel slot features 243 ways to win.
  • Lucky Leprechaun: This slot is of medium variance and comes with five reels, three rows and 20 paylines. The online slot is Irish-themed and has an RTP of 95.5%. It incorporates exciting features like stacked wilds, free spins and Trail O' Fortune mini-game. You stand a chance of winning 1,000x your bet. You can be the lucky winner of the money this slot has to offer with the no deposit free spins.
  • Gonzo's Quest: A game powered by NetEnt and is of five reels and 20 paylines. The Mayan-themed slot can be played across all devices, and you stand a chance of winning multipliers of up to 15x for consecutive wins or avalanches. It comes with an RTP of 95.97% and symbols that look a lot like rocks and artefacts. In the feature that awards 15x each for consecutive games, it could result in a total payout of 37,500x stake payouts. Before you can cash out your gains from this slot on online casinos, check the T&Cs for wagering requirements.
  • Vikings Go Wild: A Viking-themed game that explores the age of pillaging and plundering for treasures. The game is loaded with bonuses and features like wilds, free spins, stacked wilds, and a treasure chest bonus. The 5-reel slot comes with 25 paylines, and you can win a maximum of 1,000 coins. You can enjoy the slot with free spins and also stand the chance of winning real money.

These casino games are the common ones offering free spins no deposit bonus, and you can explore as much with the varying number of spins. Also, depending on the casino site, these bonuses might have a day expiry or 7 days expiry.

Other Common Bonuses

For most online casinos, they offer different types of bonuses that are associated with slot games. What makes slot games enticing are free spins and the common free spins bonuses other than Free spin no deposit include:

  • Wager-Free free spins
  • Deposit free spins
  • Play money free spins
  • Real money free spins

Wager-Free free spins

This type of free spin bonus takes away the hassle of meeting wagering requirements, usually set by some online casinos before players can cash-out their wins from free spin no deposit. Any money made from any free spin under wager-free free spins is available immediately for withdrawal. This bonus type is fast becoming a trend with online casinos and is looking to curb all other free spins with wagering requirements.

Deposit free spins

This type of free spins bonus usually tails the "exclusive package" in welcome bonuses of online casinos. As a player, to enjoy the incentives, you'd be required to make a deposit into your account. Depending on what you're wagering, the amount that will give you the full bonuses is usually stated, and once you hit it, you'd be loaded with free spins.

 Some of these spins are the best as you'd get cash prizes and up to 500 free spins. You'd find this similar bonus on Barbados Bingo that doesn’t offer free spins without deposit. The number of spins depends on the casino, and some casinos limit the type of games you can play to those of low RTP. The best way to know and be ahead is to read the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Play money free spins

In this type of bonus, you're all about having fun and nothing else. For those that want to test the game and be relaxed about it, this is the type of free spins they should look for. It's like a demo game where you don't get to bet real money, and you don't get to win real money. All wins are virtual. This type of bonus is most suitable for new players or old players trying out a new site and are not ready to take advantage of the slot with free spin bonuses.

Casinos are making this one very popular as they’re easily accessible to everyone. They understand how play money could convert a prospect into a customer and don’t skip the effort required in making a quality game.

Real money free spins

For these free spins, you stand a chance of winning real money, quite like free deposit no bonus, and the money is credited straight in your gaming account. You find this bonus at almost every casino online. The best part of these bonuses is that you can use them to play and trigger bonus rounds during a slot machine game. During a bonus round with real money free spins, you can land one big jackpot bonus, and if you don't get that, add extra money to your bankroll and get extra payouts, always-win features, and multipliers.

Can I Make Real Money With Free Spins

Depending on the free spins bonus you get, you can win real money. There are 4 types of free spins bonus that will reward you with real money. The free spins no deposit comes first, followed by wager-free free spins, deposit free spins, which sometimes depend on what you're wagering, and the real money free spins.

Depending on the online casino, so is the amount of money you stand to win with the free spins. However, some online casinos impose a wagering requirement of free spins before you can cash out on your free spins wins. The wagering requirement is the total number of times a player must play through their bonus to get a withdrawal – win real cash.

Most online casinos need you to have a 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, or 50x playthrough requirement. For instance, if you're given a free spins no deposit bonus of $30 with a 20x requirement, you will need to spend $600 before you can withdraw. It doesn’t mean you need to deposit $600 at once; you'd need to have total wagering bets of $600.

Many casinos require a wagering requirement of 50x, but they usually offer the best free spins deal. So, for your money to be actualized, check the paytable to know if you require wagering requirements or not. The easiest way to win real money without a deposit would be the wager-free free spins. Make sure to check for the expiry date to cash out your bonus money as some offer a day expiry, some 7 days, and some a month.

Are Demo Slots The Same As Free Spins?

Depending on the type of free spins bonus a slot comes with, it can either be the same or different. For the sake of clarity, let's go back to what Demo slots are. Online casinos are evolving with time. The gambling commission recognizes the need for everyone to be included in slot games and stand a chance to be enriched.

You might have heard of a Demo in terms of music; a demo is a raw track or the original of a track before it gets remixed and resampled. Demo slots could be compared to that, but this time in terms of money. Demo slots are machines built just like the regular slot machines, and the difference lies in betting real money. The Demo slots take playing coins instead of any currency for betting. It also doesn’t offer any cash-out as everything that has to do with a demo is digitized.

Demo slots are a way of letting gamblers test their luck without risking anything. As said, they're built off the original slot machines, you'd find the same features you'd find in a demo slot in the original slot.

Now, as you already know that free spins are of different types. There's the type where you could win real money without depositing, although there could be wagering requirements, this type falls under the Free spins no deposit bonus, or could fall under the Deposit free spins or could be the real money free spins. It could also be free spins of wager-free free spins where you can earn real money without wagering requirements, and lastly, it could be the play money free spins.

The play money free spins is somewhat similar to demo slots as you'd find that both involve no money for betting and no real money won. Everything is virtual and without risks. The difference that might make free spins stand out from the demo slot is the registration part. For demo slots, you're not required to supply any personal information for verification.

 Also, demo slots are accessible to everyone and in all online casinos, while free spins bonuses are not included in welcome packages of online casino. Also, free spins are limited; you're given a certain number of spins for you to win real money or not, while for demo slots, you can spin and play till you get tired. And so, demo slots are a bit similar to play money free spins and very different from the other types where you stand a chance of winning real money either with a bet or no bet.

Playing demo slots are mainly for fun. They offer high-quality graphics, interesting soundtracks, and they come in a wide range of themes. It's the chance to enjoy all of these without bothering about your bankroll that'd made them so popular. Whether you win or lose, it’d make no matter. Barbados bingo offers players who want to enjoy their games a wide array of demo slots with different themes. New players that register with them can enjoy 500 free spins, loyalty offers, monthly spins, and many other fascinating rewards.

Are Free Slots No Deposit Better?

Free slots no deposit is a bonus that allows you to play slots online without a deposit. Might sound like free spins, but free slots encompass it. Free slots no deposit bonus can be in the form of free spins on a casino site or bonus money on the site. They usually have high wagering requirements and high winnings, so winning real money off them proves very hard. For these reasons, many would consider this offer better because of the high wins, and others will think it harder because of the high wagering requirements that follow.

 Free slots no deposit usually require you to fill in your credit card details to claim their "exclusive bonuses." The bonuses come with cash prizes and high free spins, sometimes up to $1,000, so even if your wagering requirement is to spend up to $1,000 on total bets, you can either be losing, gaining or in-between.

There are sites with free slots no deposit that only asks to verify your phone number via SMS before you can claim their bonuses. It'd be best to check the online casino's terms and conditions to know what you're required to do before you start playing and also if you'd be wagering. However, you should note that online casinos that don’t ask for your card details for free slots no deposits will likely not give you real money. But a benefit to those kinds of sites is that you're completely without limits to try out the games without risks. There are no commissions and no wagering requirements to fulfil. 

Slots That Are Worth Playing With Free Spins

There are quite a several slots you could enjoy and genuinely cash out with free spins. At Barbados Bingo, you're offered 500 free spins as a new player, and you can use it to play a myriad of slot games on their casino site. Some of the slots that are worth playing with free spins on Barbados Bingo include the following but are not limited to; FluffyFavourites, Cops, and Robbers, Break Da Bank Again, Sweetie Land, Beehive Bedlam, White Wizard, Barry the Leprechaun, Rainbow Cash Pots, etc. To know precisely what to expect from any of these slot games, we'd be talking about one of them.

Rainbow Cash Pots

Rainbow Cash Pots is an online slot game with an Irish theme with 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 pay lines. This game is developed by Inspired Gaming and has a lot of fun features. The game has a background that depicts nature’s greenery, a charming green leprechaun, and cheerful Irish folk music. Rainbow of Cash pots comes with volatility that's medium to high and a decent RTP of 96.5%.

You can start playing with free spins and for real money on Barbados Bingo. The reels are framed in a wooden-brown rectangle and houses familiar symbols. When you play Rainbow Cash Pots, you'll need to look out for the lucky pots of gold. Landing 6 or more of the lucky pots of gold trigger a bonus feature known as the collection bonus. You can also get an additional chance to win with the help of the Spin Chance feature.

Here you can trigger the largest payout with the help of the game logo. Designed and developed by Inspired gaming, their slots are known for their excellent graphics and special features. Some of the special features include bonuses leading to mini-games. Their top online slots are available for you to start playing on Barbados bingo.

You can stake for as low as 0.10 credit per spin and as high as 60 credits per spin to play the game. You could get 500 spins on deposit from Barbados Bingo. And with its RTP, the game is sure to pay steadily as you spin. The symbols you’d find in the game include the playing cards A, J, K, and Q and other symbols like the pot of gold, horseshoe, mushroom, boot, hat, clover, and the rainbow cash pots logo.

The A, J, K, and Q symbols pay 0.5x, 2.5x, or 10x on landing 3, 4, or 5 of each of them, respectively. Horseshoe and mushroom pay 2x, 10x, or 50x on landing 3, 4, or 5 of them, respectively, and the Boot, Hat, and Clover all pay 3x, 15x, and 100x on landing 3, 4, or 5 of them, respectively. The highest paying symbol in a base game is the Rainbow of Cash pots logo symbol, which awards players with 0.5x, 5x, 20x, or 200x of your stake on landing 2, 3, 4, or 5 of them, respectively. 

As expected, the game comes with an autoplay feature and buttons you can use to increase or decrease wagering bets. The collection bonus feature can be triggered by landing6 or more of the lucky pots of gold on reels 1 – 4 along with a bonus on 5. This helps trigger several respins. Also, the spin chance bonus feature can be triggered automatically only when the credit level goes below the rate of play. This bonus will offer you the chance to win another spin. But make sure to look out for the pointer as this will decide your fate.

This type of slot and more are ready to play on Barbados Bingo and are worth your free spins.

Terms and Conditions With No Deposit Offers

For free spins, no deposit, you should make sure to check for the terms and conditions that come with. It's a common mistake to overlook these conditions as everyone likes a bonus and would get into it before reading what they have to offer and how to get it. The bonus could be a mind-blowing one, but if it restricts the player too much or makes it tough to withdraw, it'd be best to do away with them. For most online casinos, a few of their terms and conditions include but are not limited to the following.

Personal Details

It is probably the first condition you'd come across when registering a new casino and want to enjoy the bonus. It's required of all casinos by the gambling commission to give details such as:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Home address

Filling and verifying these details are the first steps to getting your free spins no deposit. If you're not comfortable with supplying that much information about yourself, steer clear.

Rollover Requirements

After completing your registration, the next important piece of information to look for is your rollover requirement, which always leads to the wagering requirement. This very key piece of information lets you know how many times you have to wager for money won from a bonus can be withdrawn. Working your rollover requirement is simple.

Using the simple formula, Rollover requirement x Money won = Wagering Requirement. For instance, if you have a rollover requirement, which you could also call the number of times you’re wagering as 50x, and the money won from free spin no deposit is $500, your wagering requirement will be $2,500. This means that for you to withdraw that $500, you'd have to play games with a total bet of $2,500.

This might not seem like something reasonable to players, which is why the lower the rollover requirement, the better bonus for you. Depending on the casino site, the amount you stand to win as a bonus varies.

Included Games

It is very important to know what games your free spins no deposit are limited to. You should also be conscious of game sequels as you could be playing a second part of the game that might involve real money. Check the games you're allowed to play, so you don't find yourself spending your money unintentionally. If there are no games mentioned in the terms and conditions, that might mean the bonus generally applies to all games the casino site has to offer.

How the Bonus Is released

You should also be mindful of how the bonuses are released for particular slot games. Depending on how many free spins are given, some are released at once, and some are released in batches. You should read the information on how long the promotions stretch for and how they’re given. Not that one is better than the other. It just has a lot to do with preference, and the gambling commission authorizes any type. You’d also find customer support of the online casino useful in this aspect.

Day Expiry

Depending on casino sites, there might be expiry dates that come with the free spin bonuses. Some free spins expiration date last for 24 hours, some last for 7 days, and you'd be lucky if you could get more than a month. Also, there might be a time limit on when you could cash out for the wins and when you should not. We give the best expiry date period and monthly spins to our new players on complete registration on Barbados Bingo.

Lastly, you can learn more about bonuses from the following pages: