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Online casino tycoon developers Microgaming are massively famous for their work with online bingo and slots, but their blackjack may go a little under the radar at times. As far as we can tell, there’s no good reason for that as Microgaming are actually some of the best online blackjack developers in the game, and Atlantic City Blackjack is a testament to that.

Atlantic City is one of the original casino cities of the USA, perhaps the most so other than Las Vegas itself. It’s world famous for its blackjack so to name an online blackjack game after it is suitable if not a little au-dacious. It would have to be a very good online blackjack game to live up to the title of what is effectively the home of blackjack, but Atlantic City Blackjack certainly does the job in that respect. Play the game in this bingo site UK.

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Microgaming - The Developers of Atlantic City Blackjack

There really isn’t a bigger name in the whole entire online casino industry than Microgaming. If you ha-ven’t heard of these guys, you must have been living under a rock since 1994, the year that they were formed as a company.

In the 26 years of their existence, the Swedish team have effectively nailed every area of online casino games. The graphics are excellent, the bonus features are on point, and the overall gameplay is more of-ten than not, quite impeccable.

Microgaming are famous for their online bingo games for free, but probably most of all for their online slot games. So, here are a few of their best slots from over the years:

• Lotsaloot
• Mega Moolah
• Lord of the Rings
• Major Millions
• Hitman

You can play bingo online, slots, and the best of blackjack from Microgaming alongside all the best bingo online at Barbados Bingo.

Atlantic City Blackjack S Bonus

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About Atlantic City Blackjack

In case you had never played it before, blackjack is a simple casino card game whereby the overall aim is to have a hand of cards that totals 21 in value. You begin with two cards, and can choose to either take a ‘hit’ from the dealer (thereby requesting another card) or to ‘stay’, meaning you’re happy that your hand is close enough to 21 without going over, or ‘bust’.

Remember, the Royals are all worth 10 and the Ace is worth either 1 or 11. You get to choose that as the player, depending on how the rest of your hand is looking so the Ace is the most powerful card in black-jack for this reason.

When you first start playing Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack, the first thing you will notice is how in-credibly well designed it is. Everything from the layout to the graphics themselves through to the music is put together perfectly, and makes for an all-round immersive gameplay experience.

It just feels luxurious, in the way that casino blackjack should do. Especially that of Atlantic City.

Another great thing about Atlantic City Blackjack and actually blackjack in general is the fact that, of all ca-sino games, it offers the best odds to the player. This means that you are more likely to win in blackjack than most other casino games, and the ‘house’, or the dealer, has the lowest advantage.

Atlantic City Blackjack S Gameplay

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Bonuses & Extra Features in Atlantic City Blackjack

Microgaming offer a ‘Free Play’ feature with Atlantic City Blackjack which is a cool way to try out the game before playing it for real. It takes confidence in one’s own game as a developer to offer this kind of thing and its confidence that is deserved as is the quality of the game.

You can also double down on your stake with your first two cards which is a cool way to make some extra cash if you are confident in the first hand that you are dealt. If you are dealt with a Royal and an Ace first time around, that would equal 21, and would be a great opportunity to double down as there is no physi-cal way you can be beaten with this hand.

Our Verdict on Atlantic City Blackjack

While blackjack is not one of the most popular forms of online casino, Atlantic City Blackjack is probably about as good as it gets. If you want to try it out, you can do just that for free at Barbados Bingo, along-side the best bingo online.

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